Gift Ideas For Her (A.K.A. Products I Know And Love, that She'll Love Too!)

Hello my friends and Happy December! Can you believe that the Holidays are only a few short weeks away? If you're still looking for a gift for a special gal in your life (whether it be a girlfriend, sister, daughter, or BFF) OR if you're just looking to treat yourself, then I'm here to help! Below, I've put together a list of products that I personally love (and know are of the highest quality), that will make great presents.


1. The World's Best Leggings


High Rise 3/4 Legging, by Girlfriend Collective

Is the person you're shopping for an on-the go person, a gym rat, or I don't know.. a girl? Well then she probably loves a good pair of leggings! I personally own leggings from so many different brands -- Lululemon, Nike, Calvin Klein, just to name a few. However, I don't own two pairs of leggings from the same brand and I think that's because I've always just continued to search for a better pair. Well I think that I've finally found the one! The High Rise 3/4 Legging, by Girlfriend Collective, are everything I've ever wanted in a pair of leggings -- 1) they're comfortable, 2) they're tight enough to stay in place but without making seam indentations in my skin, 3) they are camel-toe free, 4) they feature a high-waist design, 4) they show the perfect amount of ankle, 5) the high quality fabric doesn't wear easily from use or wash, and 6) they are a lot more affordable than the $98 Lululemon equivalent.  I have so many great things to say about these leggings, but the most honorable part is that Girlfriend Collective uses recycled bottles to make their leggings! How cool is that? I can promise you, these leggings will not disappoint!



2. Designer Handbag Lookalike

Genuine Leather Cross Body, by QZUnique

What girl doesn't like a cute handbag? What girl has "too many" handbags?.. None. And that's precisely why a purse is a great gift idea! But not trying to spend a thousand bucks on a designer handbag? No worries, I've found a high-quality Chloé Faye Small Shoulder Bag look-alike! This Genuine Leather Cross Body is made with real split leather and even features the two tone metal detailing that the Chloé one does! Oh and did I mention that it's only $56 and ships FO FREE with amazon prime.  Is your girl pick? Afraid she won't like it? No worries, The Amazon Seller, QZUnique, offers free returns for this item. 



3. Unique Sunglasses

Scenic Route, by VYE Eyewear

If you're looking for a more unique gift, I would suggest checking out the VYE Eyewear collection. VYE one of my favorite sunglasses brands. I own the Scenic Route (featured above) and the Hitchhiker (featured here), both of which I use regularly. Now sometimes sunglasses are made with cheap, unreliable materials, but not these bad boys -- they are around for the long haul. So if you're looking to give her a gift that will help her stand out from the crowd and will last a long time, these sunglasses aren't a bad place to start! 



4. Handy Dandy Kicks

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

Looking for a practical gift? A comfortable yet fashionable sneaker, might just be your best option! My go to shoe (of all time) is the Adidas Stan Smith. I wear these kicks at least 4 times a week. AT LEAST! Why, you may ask? Because they go with everything and are the most comfortable shoe I own! They never take away from the stylish appeal of an ensemble, something that is very important to me. And the white leather is surprisingly easy to keep clean (I've had these shoes for about 3 months now and they still look great). I'll always hold a special place in my heart for these sneakers, and I'm guessing she will too!



5. Statement Coat

Tall Double Breasted Coat, by Topshop

Help her stay warm and in style this winter with a stunning coat! Topshop has such a great collection of jackets and coats, almost all of which make quite the statement. My suggestion is to go with a checked or plaid option, as that's a popular trend this season. The exact Topshop coat that I'm wearing in today's post is no longer available but I've linked up a nearly identical option here!



6. A Bit Of Bling

Fiction Narrow Bangle, by Swarovski

Getting her some pretty jewelry is always a safe option! Swarovski is a great place to start looking because not only do they have some trendy designed, but also because their collection is always made with quality metal and crystals. I own the Rose Gold Fiction Narrow Bangle, except in yellow gold. Unfortunately, the yellow gold option is unavailable on the Swarovski website. But, I was able to find it on sale at Walmart, if you can believe it! Alternatively, if you're looking for a less expensive similar option, the Fiction Bangle from the Swarovski outlet is about half the price.


If you have any questions or would like more personalized suggestions just drop me a comment below!



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My Experience Buying Apparel On Amazon

Now that I have a Prime subscription, I've been ordering quite a lot on Amazon! Most recently, I've branched out and started ordering clothing from there too. There are many shops that use the Amazon platform and offer trendy apparel for affordable prices (and free shipping with a Prime membership). Take Milumia for example -- I just ordered their Waterfall Long Trench Coat and their Bishop Sleeve Ribbed Sweater. Both got delivered (for free, thank you Prime!) within a couple of days which is a lot faster than other online companies I've shopped with. As you can probably tell from comparing my photos to the ones on Amazon, both products are exactly as they are represented in the listings. The faux sued on the Waterfall Long Trench Coat is extremely soft and flexible. The coat is pretty light weight so I ordered a small (instead of an XS) to ensure that there would be space for me to wear a sweater underneath. The Bishop Sleeve Ribbed Sweater, which is also extremely soft and features a loose fit, is probably the most comfortable sweater I've ever owned. I've already worn this bad boy 4 times since receiving it ~10 days ago. So enough said there I think. Overall, my experience buying apparel through Amazon has been pretty great so far! Be sure to check out the rest of the Milumia collection as they offer a pretty big selection of apparel!

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The Best Black Friday/Cyber Week Sales + iDeal Of Sweden Phone Case Review

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Now that it's officially Black Friday it's time for us to channel our inner crazy-shopaholic and get the best deals possible am I right?! So to help, I've rounded up some of the best sales going on (both online and inspires) with a few suggestions on what to purchase where. First lets start with online, then move to in-stores. The lists are organized  by importance (basically I organized it based on which deals I thought were best). I've been updating the list everyday so it should be current!


Phone Accessories


iDeal Of Sweden | 30% Off EVERYTHING | SALE HAS ENDED

I'm first going to start with iDeal Of Sweden, not only because I think it's one of the best deals out there, but also because I want to share my thoughts with you on their bomdotcom phone cases since many of you may not have heard of this brand yet. iDeal Of Sweden has a vast collection of trendy phone cases for almost any iPhone and Galaxy out there. But what makes them different? That would be the magnetic compatibility that their cases share with each other. Take for example the Mayfair Clutch, featured in both light grey and black (for the iPhone 8 Plus) in the photos above. This clutch comes with an all black phone case magnetically attached inside. But the clutch also works with any of the other iDeal Of Sweden hard cases, such as the Black Reptile, also featured above. This means you can customize any wallet/phone case pair that fits your style for the day with these easily interchangeable phone accessories! And now's the time to buy because it's the best price I've seen these cases for all year. I'm linking up some of my favorites below!




Kate Spade | 30%-70% Discount | SALE HAS ENDED

Kate Spade is by far one of my favorite handbags but I always wait until Black Friday to purchase from them because the sale is always incredible. The Kate Spade website is now offering 30% off full price items and 40% off sale items. But I still think to get the best buy you should find the closest Kate Spade Outlet store (most of which are offering 70% off your entire purchase).


Coach (Online + In Stores) | Up to 50% Discount

I've never a huge fan of Coach, that is until I saw their latest collection! Some of these new styles are currently discounted up to 50% off! Also may I suggest taking a peek at my two favorite Coach designs? Click here for pick #1 and here for pick #2.  But keep in mind that most Coach Outlet stores are offering 70% off your entire purchase so you might want to hit up the closest one to you first!


Dagne Dover | 20% Discount

I love me some Dagne Dover! I own their Classic Tote in Onyx which I adore, but now I have my eye on their new Andra Crossbody and I'm thinking now's the time to buy since there's rarely a sale for this brand.





EGO Shoes | 20% Discount

This is one of my favorite footwear brands as you might be able to tell by the number of times I've featured them on BTFL. They're offering 50% off select styles, and 20% off everything else. I'd call that a win especially since their prices are already quite affordable to begin with. 


L.L. Bean | 25% Off Bean Boots | SALE HAS ENDED

With the Winter season upon us, and Spring rain coming after that, I highly suggest investing in a pair of waterproof Bean Boots. I own the 6" boots and they're incredible. I got mine a few years ago (although I paid full price at the time) and they're still in great shape. L.L. Bean rarely has a sale so I'd jump on this offer right now!


New Balance (Online + In Stores) | 25-50% Discount | SALE HAS ENDED

The New Balance website offering 25% off + free shipping right now. But what's more is that most of their outlet stores are offering 50% off everything and a $20 coupon to use on a future purchase for every $75 you spend today. A current NB favorite of mine is the Fresh Foam in Lush if you're looking for a suggestion!





Anthropologie (Online + Instores) | EXTRA 30% Off Sale | SALE HAS ENDED

I have this under apparel but it really should be under something like "All Life Goals" in my opinion. From their apparel, to footwear, to home goods, it's hard to find something that I'm not totally in love with. Anthro is pretty expensive though so I usually go strait to their sale sections which always has some great items. And I'll be taking that extra 30% off thank you very much!


J.CrewJ.Crew Factory (Online + Instores) | 40%-60% 

I love J.Crew but I tend to hit up the factory stores first especially since some of the J.Crew items can end up in the factory store clearance section for a fraction of the original price. Both the J.Crew Factory website and physical stores are offering 50-60% off everything and that includes clearance! Meanwhile, the official J.Crew website is also offering a pretty steep discount - 40% off you're entire purchase!


Zaful | 20%-40% Discount

I own quite a bit from this online shop so I know first hand that it's not only a safe website to purchase form but you're also getting great products for unbeatable prices. Right now their offering 20%-40% off their already affordable items and free shipping with purchases of $79 or more!


Loft (Online + In Stores) | EXTRA 60% Off Sale

It's always good to have some classic, elegant ensembles in you're wardrobe and my go to for that kind of thing is usually Loft! I generally find better deals in stores though so I'd suggest visiting the closest one if you're up for going out today. 


MISSGUIDED | 50% Off Everything | SALE HAS ENDED

I don't personally own anything form this brand (YET!) but they have an incredibly vast collection of trendy apparel (+ accessories). Like how freaking cool is this coat? And it'd be under $50 with the Black Friday discount?! Yes please!


Nordstrom Rack | Extra 30% Off Clearance | SALE HAS ENDED

An extra discount off clearance items is honestly my favorite type of sale. So I'm pretty stoked about this one. Again, I've got Nordstrom Rack under apparel, but their clearance section encompasses a lot more than just clothing!





Walmart | Google Home Mini for $29

Walmart is offering some incredible deals today on electronics, the best of which in my opinion is the sale on the Google Home Mini!  This aesthetically pleasing smart speaker is usually $49 but today it's only $29. You also get an extra gift with this purchase -- $25 off your next Walmart purchase when you order through google express. You're basically getting the Google Home Mini for $4 at that point. Clearly I'm all about this purchase, seeing as I made it myself last night at midnight. There's two color choices by the way, chalk and charcoal. I personally liked the charcoal  better so that's the one I went with!


Macy's | Apple Watch Series 1 for $179 | SALE HAS ENDED

While Macy's has a lot of great discounted products right now, I'd like to point your attention to the fact that they're selling the Apple Watch Series 1 for only $179! That's the cheapest I've seen that model. I love my apple watch so I only have good things to say about it. I have the series 2 though, which I have listed below. The major difference between the models is that the Series 2 is water-resistant up to 50 meters, whereas the Series 1 is not.


Best Buy | Apple Watch Series 2 for $269

Best Buy is one of the best places to look for sales on electronics. This is where I purchased my Apple Watch Series 2 from last month for $229. Best Buy randomly had the watch on sale for like a day and I snagged it. I haven't seen the price drop that much since then. But right now, Best Buy is still offering the lowest prices out of any other store for this model.



Sales have been updated! Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend! Oh and if you'd like to make any suggestions or want to add to the list, just drop a comment below!


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The Official Color Of Fall 2017 + The Greatest Boot Sale Ever

The Official Color Of Fall 2017

So apparently the color red is kind of a big deal this season. Elle magazine says it's "officially the color of Fall 2017," which is proving quite true on both the runway and on the street. But these ensembles aren't featuring just a touch of red. NO NO! They are all-red! Take for example these 4 red ensembles featured on Man Repeller. Lovely right? And so I went on another mission, this time to style together an all red outfit. I have to say, it wasn't that easy, especially considering the fact that I had no red apparel in my closet. Seriously, the only thing I had was this maroon mock neck sweater (and red lipstick) that I'm sporting. So I took to to find some more red apparel -- namely this red blazer and these red shorts! I found out the trick to putting together an all-red outfit is to work with different hues and throw in some non-red accessories to tone it down. I'm linking up some more red pieces below!


The Greatest Boot Sale Ever

Many of my shoes are from the online shop, EGO. It's one of my top favorite footwear brands because their designs are fashion-forward, comfortable, and insanely affordable. And in the spirit of Black Friday, EGO is offering 50% off all their boots with code COSY! Can you believe it? Looking for a suggestion on what to get? My number one pick would be the Maxi Over The Knee Boots in black, which is the boot that I'm wearing in today's post. These bad boys are the ultimate OTK boot -- they feature a pointed toe and moderate block heel, making for a sexy but comfortable design. And with the current sale that's going on these boots would only be $27.50!! Just as a heads up, if you're a half size like me (US 7.5) I'd round up to the next size (US 8). Happy shopping everyone! (Will be back soon with more black Friday sales to share with y'al!!)

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Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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An Autumn/Winter 2017 'It Girl' Look for Under $200

Every season there are a those staple pieces and distinct outfits that you see all the celebs and fashion bloggers wearing, otherwise known as an "It Girl" look. The mini skirt paired with over the knee (OTK) boots, a trendy sweater, and a petite purse just so happens to be one of them. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this look re-done on Instagram. But not everyone has the kind of money that celebs do, so I decided to take on the challenge of re-creating this outfit in the most affordable way possible (without sacrificing quality)! I gave myself a budget of $200, lets see how I did..


1.  The Mini Skirt

My Choice: Checkered Mini Skirt from Zaful -- $20.99

Mini skirts are back and I'm not mad about it. The more winter-friendly ones tend to be the popular plaid ones that are made of wool-blends. This very economical option from Zaful exceeded my expectations. The material is thick and the silver detailing was secure. Overall the skirt appears high-quality but without breaking the bank.


4. The OTK Boots

My choice: Black Over The Knee Boot from EGO Shoes -- $54.99

If you were wondering if OTK boots were coming back this winter, the answer is YES YES YES. I'm quite a fan of them, so I'm very happy that they're not going away any time soon. The thigh high design makes these boots the perfect footwear option for miniskirts during these next few cold months. My go to footwear brand lately has been EGO Shoes. They are always up to date on the latest trends. Their collection of OTK boots is extensive, but my favorite is the Harmony boot, which unfortunately just sold out, but I'm liking up my second favorite pair here.


3. The Trendy Sweater

My Choice: Lantern Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater from Zaful -- $17.49

If you need a trendy sweater for under $20, Zaful is my #1 recommendation. This Lantern Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater was exactly what I was looking for. It's cropped design and conservative neckline contrast well to the high-waist mini skirt design. My first concern with buying knitwear online is itchiness. Luckily, none of the Zaful sweaters I've order thus far have given me any trouble!


4. The Petite Purse

My Choice: Leather Bracelet Bag from B-Hive Creations -- $71.25 (with code "Priscilla" at checkout)

Small handbags are all the rage right now, especially ones with metal detailing. There are plenty such bags for under $30, but these generally aren't the best quality.  That's why my number one pick today is this Leather Bracelet Bag from B-Hive Creations. Although, it's the most pricy item on today's list, it's high-quality makes the purchase worthwhile. This ethically-sourced-genuine-leather handbag is actually inspired by the Chloé Nile bag, except it's a fraction of a cost! Seriously! A drop from $1,690 to $71.25? That's a no brainer! I had the opportunity to speak with Ina, the owner of B-Hive Creations, who is a strong advocate for affordable fashion. Like myself, she believes "that being stylish and loving fashion doesn't man you have to go broke," which is why she's created this line of reasonably-priced, high-quality handbags! I highly recommend you take a look at the rest of her collection, you won't be disappointed. 


Okay so now it's time to add it all up. ($20.99 + $54.99 + $17.49 + $71.25 = $164.72) That's almost $40 under budget! I'm gonna call that a success. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below. Happy shopping everyone!

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