How to Decorate A Small Room Without Making It Look Cluttered

As some of you may already know, I've been busy training to be a Graduate Associate (a.k.a. a graduate student who is a Residential Advisor in an undergraduate dorm). But with great responsibility... comes a beautiful one bedroom apartment (and a fulfilling job of course)! While I'll be discussing the rest of the apartment in another blog post, today I'll be focusing on the bedroom, which happens to be on the small side. Therefore, I had to think of some creative ways to decorate the place without making it look too cluttered. Basically what it boiled down to was me honing in on my minimalist skills and using already-necessary-bedroom-pieces as decorations.


1. The Clothing Rack

I have so much clothing that I knew it wouldn't all fit into the wardrobe that came with the room. And so I enlisted the help of this sleek clothing rack, by Metal Works, to store my clothing, but to also make for a stylish decor piece! This rack has the minimalist design that I was looking for, with a white finish that would contrast nicely with my black hangers and colorful clothing. Not to mention, the rack was really easy to put together as there aren't many separate pieces to it!


2. The Pillow

I love my queen-sized bed! But unfortunately, it takes up a lot of space. Therefore, with the help of a throw pillow, I decided to use some of that space to display a beautiful print. I chose to go with the Palm Leaf Pillow Cover, by A Piece Of Bella! If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty obsessed with the whole tropical leaf theme. In fact, I used the same pillow covers in my living room to tie the apartment together. These covers are made with durable linen blend fabric which is quite smooth to the touch! You can never have too many pillows am I right?


3. On-Wall Shelving

The bedroom came with this shelving unit, but it's definitely something you can do yourself. Shelves give you an opportunity to display decorative pieces, like my many candles, as well as accessories, like purses, sunglasses, and jewelry, without taking up too much space.


4. The Nightstand

Instead of buying a plain old nightstand, I decided to use two wine crates as make-shift, minimalist nightstand. Plus, it serves as more shelving to display decorations! But again, I used every-day items as decor, like my Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 (more about this camera to come)!

Basically, it's about working with the space you have and making ordinary home items into decorations!

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Do Your Shoes And Belt Need To Match?

You've probably heard of the rule that says the color of one's belt should match the color of one's shoes. But in today's world, fashion is all about breaking the rules. So is this one of the rules we can break? To answer this question, I've brought in one of my favorite fashion experts to help out -- my dad! Using our J. Ellis belts, his Rhea Footwear boots, and my Kendall + Kylie mules, my dad and I were able to come to a conclusion. 

If you haven't already guessed by our outfits, we've decided that one's belt and shoes don't need to match in color, they just need to "go." But it's a little more complicated than that. So I'm breaking it down in terms of men's wear and women's wear.


Men's Fashion

My dad has paired the 1.5 Inch Navy Suede Belt, by J. Ellis Leather Designs, with the Classic Boot, in Smoked Brown, by Rhea Footwear.  As a side note, my dad loves both of these products! The belt is made with quality navy suede on one side and a smooth chocolate leather on the other. Meanwhile, the boots are also made with a beautiful brown leather and with non-slip grip technology on the soles. The two aren't the same color or even the same finish (one suede, one leather), and yet they pair nicely together, destroying the notion that you must always match your belt to your shoes. That being said, it also helps to wear something that contains the two colors that you're trying to pair together. For example, my dad is wearing a jacket that has hints of both brown and blue acting as a mediator between the belt and boots. While we love this look, my dad and I agree that there are still situations in which a man's belt and shoes should match in color -- for formal events that require a suite or tux.

Outfit Details

Belt // Boots // Shirt (similar) // Jacket (similar) // Jeans



Women's Fashion

I've paired together the 1 Inch Green Suede Belt, by J. Ellis Leather Designs, and my red Kendall + Kylie mules. Like my father, I also admire the quality with which my belt was made. It's one of those things I know will be in my closet 10 years from now because 1) it'll still be in great shape and 2) it's classic design will never go out of style. While both my belt and shoes are suede, the colors couldn't be more different. But in women's fashion, styling two bright, but very different, colors together is very popular! The contrast makes for a striking appearance. So why not do it with your belt and shoes!? The colors don't need to match, the just have to go well with one another.

In conclusion, my dad and I have decided it's okay (and encouraged) to break this outdated fashion rule, but with caution and only for casual ensambles.

Outfit Details

Belt // Flats // Top // Pants // Bandana // Sunglasses


Model #1 and Photographer #1

Papa Andalia


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - The Best Of The Best

There are only two days left until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends! Can you believe it? I sifted through all the accessories and shoes and rounded up the best of the best to make your shopping experience a little easier during this time crunch! Hope it helps!




























White With A Sprinkle Of Pattern

After a long vacation and ample sunbathing, is when white becomes my favorite color to wear. As you may have already guessed, it's because the bright white contrasts nicely with newly tanned skin creating a striking appearance! But just white alone can be boring, so I'm here today to talk about two new additions to my wardrobe that are white with a sprinkle of pattern. 


1. The Solana Romper

The Solana Romper, from Kittsona, features a beautiful floral embroidery, giving me that dash of print, without drawing out the white ensemble . Generally, you have to be careful when purchasing white apparel because sometimes the material is too thin and you end up seeing your underwear outline (even if it's nude colored). I'm happy to say there's no such problem with this romper! The material is a thick enough to prevent transparency, but thin enough to still serve as a summer piece. This little number is also quite versatile - wear it with sandals for a casual get-up or heels for a sophisticated look. It is hands down my most frequently worn romper this summer!


2. The Tamanco Branco

The Tamanco Branco, (which in portuguese means the white clog), by K.dan Flat Shoes a Brazilian footwear brand, is my favorite white sandal of the season. And not just because they're comfortable, and give me an extra 1.5 inches of height, but because of the gorgeous multi-colored rope sole that contrasts with the brilliant white strap. I understand that it might be scary purchasing from a foreign brand but I assure you that it's totally worth the bliss of owning a pair of K.dan shoes. Not only am I a lucky owner of the white clog, but I also have their Jean Mule. Both of which are comfortable, incredibly stylish, and made with quality. If you're unfamiliar with the conversion rate from R$ to USD, I've broken it down for you here. The Tamanco Branco is R$150 which in USD is just about $48, which in my opinion is a STEAL for such great quality shoes. As for sizing, I went with a Brazilian 36, which fit my US Size 7 foot quite well. If you have any other questions just contact me here, or comment below! 

Outfit Details

Romper // Sandals // Sunglasses // Earrings // Purse (similar)


Guest Photographer,

Katie Andrews

(childhood friend for life)


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Travel Guide - The Amalfi Coast, Italy

1. Salerno

After our time in Lisbon (which you can read about here), Bill and spent four days/three nights in the Amalfi Coast, in Italy. There are many incredible towns to visit along the Amalfi Coast, however, we decided to stay in the town of Salerno and take day trips to other parts of the coast, namely the towns of Amalfi and Positano (discussed below). Salerno is a "low-key" coastal town, which was a refreshing contrast to the other tourist-packed sites we had been to. Although the town was less touristy, there was still plenty to see and eat!

Our Accommodations:

We stayed at the B&B Il Ritratto, a charming bed and breakfast in the center of Salerno. The B&B is run by a kind man named Guido, who worked tirelessly to ensure we were comfortable and well fed in the morning. In addition to giving us a run-through of the city's most desirable sites upon our arrival, Guido also offered advice and answers to any questions we had throughout our stay. Additionally, our room was modern, clean, and spacious. Because the bed and breakfast is located on a quite street, we had no problem with noise, even though the city's bustling main street is only three blocks away. We couldn't have been happier with our accommodations!

Things To Do:

1. Walk along the water

The town has a long walkway just along the water, which features colorful boats and beautiful views of the mountain. (See photographs above!)

2. Minerva Gardens

Higher up in the city, and one of the coolest sites in Salerno, is the Minerva Gardens. Historically known for the growth of medicinal plants, this tiered garden features amazing views of the city, as well as a small cafe with terrace seating.

3. Salerno Cathedral

Salerno Cathedral is Salerno's most prominent church, and is dedicated to Saint Matthew. The most striking part of the church was the crypt, believed to house the relics of Saint Matthew. It features beautiful high-ceilings decorated with frescoes painted by Belisario Corenzio.


1. Pasta 

With only three nights in Salerno, we indulged in as much pasta and pizza as we could. L'Unico, a quaint restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating, is where we had our favorite pasta dish, the linguini with zucchini. This plate was incredibly satisfying (the rich creamy sauce may have had something to do with that). If you're looking for a real Italian experience, for an affordable price, this place is a must!

 2. Pizza

I loved the pizza in Salerno. Our favorite was the margherita pie from Antica Pizzeria Sorrentina. Everything from the fresh flavors, to the sauce-to-cheese ratio was on point. We found our second favorite slice at a place right on the water called, Embarcadero. What made this pizza different was the tasty, thick, and crunch crust! Lastly, we also tried the margherita pizza at a restaurant by the name of Criscemunno. The pizza was a solid choice, but because it was lacking in cheese, it fell to spot #3 on our list of favorites.


2. Amalfi

The first day trip we took from Salerno was to the town of Amalfi. The port was less than a 10 minute walk from the B&B, proving again that it's location was convenient. We took a Travelmar ferry to get there, which was half the fun (the views from the ferry were impeccable)! The cost of the trip was 8 euro each way. While we purchased our tickets in advance from, it appeared that buying tickets the day of was also a safe option as long as you arrived 10-20 minutes before the ferry departure time. The town itself offered many shops and boutiques along the main road. We shopped around, indulged in some gelato and fried squid, but spent most of our time at the beach and in the cool, crisp water! I just want to note that the beaches were not sandy, they were filled with large pebbles which made walking barefoot quite difficult. I would suggest bringing water shoes to avoid any discomfort while walking in and out of the water.  We spent the rest of our time enjoying the views from the board walk before hopping onto our return ferry.


3. Positano

Our second, and last, day trip was to the town of Positano, famous for it's colorful houses and shops. We took another Travelmar ferry to get there, the cost which was 12 euro each way. As we did for Amalfi, we purchased our tickets in advance from, but noticed that it was not uncommon to purchase tickets at the port. The town featured a main street lined with restaurants and colorful shops. If you continue up, you'll see that the road weaves through the town and around the mountain as you climb to a higher altitude.  Like in Amalfi, the beach had pebbles instead of sand which is not uncommon for towns along the Amalfi Coast. As I mentioned before, the pebbles didn't make for comfortable walking or sunbathing, so instead we spent most of our time enjoying the clear and refreshing ocean water!

Hope this little travel guide is of some help to you if you find yourself traveling to the Amalfi Coast! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me here.






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