Pom Pom's + Soft Pink

Pom pom shoes are all the rave and are a winter-must-have in my opinion. Take for example these gorgeous Thera flat, by Ballentinas, which feature a beige/pink rabbit fur pom pom and suede material. I love these shoes so much that I've teamed up with Ballentinas to offer you a discount so that you can get your very own. Just use code BTFLxBallentinas to receive 20% off.

To accentuate the pink hues in the Thera flat, I'm sporting a pink velvet choker with a layered pearl charm necklace, by Monokuro+. If you've been following my journey on BTFL, then you probably already know how obsessed I am with chokers! And because soft pink, layered necklaces, and velvet are all hot trends, I jumped with joy when I stumbled upon this piece which incorporated all three. 

As a side note, I want to share a quick review of the company Boohoo. I ordered a bunch of stuff from this shop about two months ago because everything was 60% off! For example, this coat was only $32! For the price, it's great - quality material and very stylish. However, I ran into quite a few problems with this order. First, not all the products were as nice as the coat turned out to be. It's kind of hit or miss quality wise. Second, the delivery for my package was severely delayed and the customer service reps were no help. The only way to contact them is via one email address, where a different customer service rep gets back to you every time you reply. It makes it difficult to get anything done with them. Additionally, the return shipping is all at your own cost and is pretty expensive. Therefore, if you're searching for stylish pieces on a budget this might be the place to look, but just know that it's all hit or miss and it may take a while for you to receive your order!

Outfit Details

Flats // Choker // Handbag // Sunglasses // Coat // Top // Pants


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