Why One Piece Swimsuits Are Better Than Bikinis

It's no secret that one-piece swimsuits are taking sales away from bikinis. But it's with good reason! I've thrown a little list together explaining why you might just want to consider putting your bikini's away for the season and investing in some quality one-piece suits

1. Leotard or Swimwear?: That's right! You can pass off these swimsuits as leotards. I think this is especially convenient for vacation - when you're adventuring around, say a coastal town, you want to be ready for a swim at any moment! Just pair them with some high waisted shorts like the Martha Short, by Cut From The Same Cloth, and you're good to go! (These shorts are my favorite shorts of the seasons by the way -- stay tuned for Monday's post where I'll be featuring them again!)

2. Deep V Style: This neckline style has been very popular in tops and leotards, and now it's made it's way to one-piece swimwear! The deep-v design is particularly flattering and I think it's what makes these one-piece swimsuits even sexier than some bikinis out there.

3. Never gets separated from it's other half: We all misplace things at times right? And what's worse than misplacing or losing the other half to a bikini that has a very particular pattern. You don't have to worry about that with the one-piece because it's all connected!

My go-to bathing suits this season have been the Salma Suit and the Liberty Suit, by Wet Swimwear. Their collection of swimwear is exquisite, with some of the most unique designs you'll see. For sizing, I definitely suggest sizing up and giving some extra leeway with measuring your torso length. I went with a size medium in both suits because my torso length is long! 

Outfit Details

Salma Suit // Shorts // Sandals // Sunglasses

Outfit Details

Liberty Suit // Shorts // Sandals // Sunglasses


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