Gift Ideas For Her (A.K.A. Products I Know And Love, that She'll Love Too!)

Hello my friends and Happy December! Can you believe that the Holidays are only a few short weeks away? If you're still looking for a gift for a special gal in your life (whether it be a girlfriend, sister, daughter, or BFF) OR if you're just looking to treat yourself, then I'm here to help! Below, I've put together a list of products that I personally love (and know are of the highest quality), that will make great presents.


1. The World's Best Leggings


High Rise 3/4 Legging, by Girlfriend Collective

Is the person you're shopping for an on-the go person, a gym rat, or I don't know.. a girl? Well then she probably loves a good pair of leggings! I personally own leggings from so many different brands -- Lululemon, Nike, Calvin Klein, just to name a few. However, I don't own two pairs of leggings from the same brand and I think that's because I've always just continued to search for a better pair. Well I think that I've finally found the one! The High Rise 3/4 Legging, by Girlfriend Collective, are everything I've ever wanted in a pair of leggings -- 1) they're comfortable, 2) they're tight enough to stay in place but without making seam indentations in my skin, 3) they are camel-toe free, 4) they feature a high-waist design, 4) they show the perfect amount of ankle, 5) the high quality fabric doesn't wear easily from use or wash, and 6) they are a lot more affordable than the $98 Lululemon equivalent.  I have so many great things to say about these leggings, but the most honorable part is that Girlfriend Collective uses recycled bottles to make their leggings! How cool is that? I can promise you, these leggings will not disappoint!



2. Designer Handbag Lookalike

Genuine Leather Cross Body, by QZUnique

What girl doesn't like a cute handbag? What girl has "too many" handbags?.. None. And that's precisely why a purse is a great gift idea! But not trying to spend a thousand bucks on a designer handbag? No worries, I've found a high-quality Chloé Faye Small Shoulder Bag look-alike! This Genuine Leather Cross Body is made with real split leather and even features the two tone metal detailing that the Chloé one does! Oh and did I mention that it's only $56 and ships FO FREE with amazon prime.  Is your girl pick? Afraid she won't like it? No worries, The Amazon Seller, QZUnique, offers free returns for this item. 



3. Unique Sunglasses

Scenic Route, by VYE Eyewear

If you're looking for a more unique gift, I would suggest checking out the VYE Eyewear collection. VYE one of my favorite sunglasses brands. I own the Scenic Route (featured above) and the Hitchhiker (featured here), both of which I use regularly. Now sometimes sunglasses are made with cheap, unreliable materials, but not these bad boys -- they are around for the long haul. So if you're looking to give her a gift that will help her stand out from the crowd and will last a long time, these sunglasses aren't a bad place to start! 



4. Handy Dandy Kicks

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

Looking for a practical gift? A comfortable yet fashionable sneaker, might just be your best option! My go to shoe (of all time) is the Adidas Stan Smith. I wear these kicks at least 4 times a week. AT LEAST! Why, you may ask? Because they go with everything and are the most comfortable shoe I own! They never take away from the stylish appeal of an ensemble, something that is very important to me. And the white leather is surprisingly easy to keep clean (I've had these shoes for about 3 months now and they still look great). I'll always hold a special place in my heart for these sneakers, and I'm guessing she will too!



5. Statement Coat

Tall Double Breasted Coat, by Topshop

Help her stay warm and in style this winter with a stunning coat! Topshop has such a great collection of jackets and coats, almost all of which make quite the statement. My suggestion is to go with a checked or plaid option, as that's a popular trend this season. The exact Topshop coat that I'm wearing in today's post is no longer available but I've linked up a nearly identical option here!



6. A Bit Of Bling

Fiction Narrow Bangle, by Swarovski

Getting her some pretty jewelry is always a safe option! Swarovski is a great place to start looking because not only do they have some trendy designed, but also because their collection is always made with quality metal and crystals. I own the Rose Gold Fiction Narrow Bangle, except in yellow gold. Unfortunately, the yellow gold option is unavailable on the Swarovski website. But, I was able to find it on sale at Walmart, if you can believe it! Alternatively, if you're looking for a less expensive similar option, the Fiction Bangle from the Swarovski outlet is about half the price.


If you have any questions or would like more personalized suggestions just drop me a comment below!



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