The Same Outfit 3 Ways - The Secret to Packing Light


Look #1

Outfit Details

Shirt Jacket // Scarf // Tee // Jeans (similar) // Kicks // Watch


If you struggle with packing light, like I do, then I've got some advice for you. You've got to be coy about recycling the same outfit! I thought about this while packing my tiny suitcase (in which I also needed to pack everyone's gifts) to go home for the holidays. I figured I could always just wash clothing, but how do I create enough of a difference between each outfit while keeping the number of packed items to a minimum? And the answer is in the top layer! In all three of today's outfits, I'm wearing the same jeans, tee, and sneakers -- the only thing I've changed up is the outermost layer. It's kind of crazy how much of a difference the addition of a cardigan or hoodie can make right? In Look #1, I'm sporting the Raw Cut Equipment Shirt Jacket, which gives the outfit an edgy appeal. For Look #2, I've swapped out the shirt jacket for this Tartan Plaid Waterfall Cardigan, for a preppy ensemble. And lastly, I'm wearing this Slogan Print Spliced Hoodie in my last and most sporty outfit, Look #3. By the way, all three of these pieces are from SheIn, one of my favorite places to shop online! But back to the matter at hand, if you want to pack light I suggest creating a few basic base-layer-outfits and then adding different layering pieces. Safe travels everyone! 


Look #2

Outfit Details

Cardigan // Tee // Jeans (similar)  // Kicks // Watch 



Look #3

Outfit Details

Hoodie // Tee // Jeans (similar)  // Kicks // Watch


Photographer #1,

Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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