Galentine's Day - Ladies Celebrating Ladies!

Tomorrow is February 13th! You know what that means, right? Aside from it being the day before Valentine's Day, it's also GALENTINE'S DAY! It's a day for gals to celebrate gals. The holiday originated from one of my favorite shows, Parks And Recreation! In Season 2/Episode 16, the main character Leslie Knope uses February 13th to get all her favorite females together to celebrate their friendship. My favorite quote from this episodes is when Leslie Knope says "We have to remember what's important in life. Friends, waffles, and work -- or waffles, friends work. It doesn't matter. But work is third." Tomorrow is a day for us ladies to show our appreciation for each other (preferably over waffles and other sweets). My besties and I (photographed below thanks to a makeshift-iPhone-tripod) got a head-start on our Galentine's celebration -- we came together this weekend for some wine, cheese, and good company! So take a moment tomorrow to spend some time those special ladies in your life and be sure to tell them how much you love them!

As an avid Parks and Rec fan, it should come as no surprise that I'm wearing this Friends Waffles Work Tee, by The Bed Head Society, for Galentine's Day! The Bed Head Society offers a collection of t-shirts with humorous and relevant designs. In fact, their moto is "Adult-ing is easier when you can laugh your way through it!" which couldn't be more fitting. So be sure to keep up with their ever changing kick-ass collection!


Outfit Details

Tee // Boots // Denim Jacket // Sunglasses // Jeans


Photographer #1,

Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


Stylist, Model, Photographer #2, and Writer






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