A Wedding Guest Dress That Works For Any Time Of The Year

People typically think of “wedding season” as during the summer, but you come to a time in your life when there are weddings left and right throughout the entire year. I’m currently hitting that age when all my friends/relatives are getting hitched. And for that reason, I’ve been on the look out for wedding-guest dresses! I recently struggled with wanting to wear a certain dress to a summer wedding, but was held back by the fact that it was “too-autumn-y.” With this dress, I don’t have to worry about any of that because the nude hue makes this piece perfect for any time of the year. When I laid my eyes on the Sophia Dress in Hazelnut, by Neroli Anonyme, I had to absolutely had to have it! It’s comfortable, conservative, flattering, and most importantly extremely versatile. So if you too are in the market for wedding-guest dresses then be sure to check out Neroli Anonyme’s entire Awake Collection, because it’s got the perfect collection of classy and stylish formal-wear.

Outfit Details:

Dress // Clutch // Heels (H&M in-stores only) // Sunglasses


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Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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