5 Reasons To Buy Two-Piece Sets

Happy Hump Day friends! Today I thought I'd share my thoughts on why I love love love two-piece sets and why you need more of them in your closet. My love for sets started with this Bubbly Two Piece Set by Lazy Daze Apparel. As I wore it over and over, I started documenting why I adored sets so much and here's what I came up with..

1.  The price is right: What I've found to be true at nearly every shop is that most 2-piece sets are less expensive than buying a top and bottoms separately. For example this Bubbly Off The Shoulder Crop Top alone is $30, but the set is $40! Only $10 more to get a pair of matching shorts?! Yes please! 

2. You can mix and match: Here's where I think sets and rompers differ in the best way possible. Two-piece sets can be taken apart and worn with different articles of clothing. So you're getting the most bang for your buck. And I'm sure this versatility sure does come in handing when trying to pack light for a trip (will confirm once I start packing for my Portugal/Italy trip in a few weeks)!

3. Easy to throw on: If you don't have time to style together an outfit but don't feel like wearing a dress, the two-piece set is perfect because it's already styled together with it's other half! No need to spend 20 minutes sifting through your closet for a match since it already has one.

4. Perfect color match: I think this especially holds true for the color black. I cannot tell you how many times I've thrown together a black top and bottoms thinking it looked good and then went outside to realize that the two blacks were completely different hues and did not pair well at all. With a two-piece set, you don't have this problem!

5. Torso length is not an issue: Sometimes the torso length of rompers can be a little off. For example, I've tried on some rompers where the torso was too long and so the crotch sat way too low. Luckily, two-piece sets don't have this issue. Because the shorts are disconnected from the top and can worn higher or lower on the waist according to your preference!

And there you have it my friends -- five reasons why you need more two-piece sets in your wardrobe!

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Two-Piece Set // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Choker (similar)


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