How To Travel In Style Without Sacrificing Comfort

Starting next Friday, I'll be jetting off to Lisbon, then the Amalfi Coast, then Rome! With all the air, train, and even ferry travel that this trip requires, I thought I'd share some tips on traveling outfits that are comfortable, convenient, and stylish.

1. The flattering but comfortable jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit (or romper) is one of the quickest and easiest options in the morning. You don't have to worry about changing your mind about which top goes best with which bottom, because it's already been decided for you. But because you're traveling, you want to be comfortable right? That's why I'm suggesting this Colette Jumpsuit, from Peridot Boutique, because it has all of these before mentioned qualities. It's made of fully of linen so its light and breathable. It has a flattering fit but it's also loose enough to allow for a wide range of motion. Not to mention, this jumpsuit is such a classic wardrobe staple, am I right?

2. The leather fanny pack.

I say "leather" because these are usually more fashionable and mature-looking than say the bright polyester ones you might see at a music festival. A fanny pack is extremely convenient - your phone, license, cash, and boarding pass are all within a hands reach. Now you might say, what's wrong with just using pockets? Well when traveling I like to be on the safe side, incase of pick pockets. In this case, I think a fanny pack, located more central on your body and with a clasp, would be more secure. I'm sporting this quality handmade leather fanny pack, by Awl Snap, which I highly recommend.  

3. The right flats.

I like to be able to take my shoes off easily, whether it be for passing through security at the air port, or kicking up my feet onto the boyfs lap on a long train ride. So what better to wear than a pair of easy-on-easy-off flats? I love these Studded Flat Mules, also from Peridot Boutique. They are comfortable, simple, and go with just about everything.  Giving out an A+ to these bad boys!

Stay tuned via Instagram, for more travel-worthy outfits that I'll be sharing within the next week while I pack for my trip! 

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit // Mules // Fanny Pack // Sunglasses // Bracelets // Bandana


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