Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $60 - For Her

There are only 10 days until Valentine's Day! The day of love! And what better way to show your love than with a kind gesture and a thoughtful gift.  If you haven't purchased something for your special lady yet, I'd suggest getting those orders in soon. To help with the process, I've put together this list of unique gifts that are perfect for Valentine's Day! 


Accessories For Her Phone

Go ALL PINK this Valentine's Day with some practice gifts for her smartphone. These phone accessories by iDeal Of Sweden, are not only useful presents, but are also extremely trendy. Take for example this, Pilion Pink Marble Phone Case. Marble cases are all the rage right now, and the pink hues make it perfect for V Day.  The Mayfair Clutch is also a great option as it is both a wallet and phone case. It comes with a magnetic mechanism that allows you to remove and attach any of these iDeal Of Sweden phone cases, which means you could get her both of these pink products to use together. And last but not least, this iPhone Charging Cable in "Floral Romance" just screams Valentine's Day, which isn't surprising considering the name of the pattern right? 


If She Loves Wine..

A women who doesn't love wine? It's a pretty rare finding. So going with a wine accessory is a safe and practical option as a gift. My all time favorite wine accessory is the Pyrite Wine Stopper, by Downtown Alchemy. This is literally jewelry for your wine bottle! This product helps you keep the wine fresh while also acting as a decorative piece for the table. I can't get enough of this beautiful wine stopper, and I have a feeling she'll feel the same way too.



A Fix For Those Dry Winter Lips

Let me just say, that the winter weather has been rough on my lips like year. Between the bitter cold wind and dry air, my lips were starting to look horrendous. That is until I started using this Lip Scrub, by NaturalE. I'm telling you, this is probably one of the most useful (and V-DAY appropriate) gifts you can give a girl with chapped lips. This delicious scrub lightly exfoliates the lips and then leaves them feeling buttery soft! It's really simple to use too. All you needs to do is rub a little on your lips, massage it in, then rinse with cool water, and VIOLÁ! Lips as good as new. Better than new, I might argue! 


Fun Pajamas

Lingerie is a pretty cliche gift for February 14th. Instead, I'm suggesting you go with a pair of cute pajama's to brighten up her sleepwear! I myself am in love with this Pineapple Pajama Set, by SheIn. These PJs are both affordable and adorable, not to mention comfortable! One word of advice though, if you're choosing between two sizes, always go with the larger one because PJ's are meant to be a little baggy!


Accessories For Her Apple Watch

I've seen so many apple watch bands out there, but none like this Harris Tweed Merlot Apple Watch Band, by Vario! These bands work as a gift for either gender, but I think the Merlot color is especially appropriate to gift a women for Valentine's Day. Also featured here is the same tweed band but in the Ash Grey color. The apple watch isn't the most traditional looking watch if you know what I mean, but with the help of this tweed band it can be transformed into a classic and sophisticated accessory.


If you're looking for gifts "for him," then check out my other V-DAY blog post.. Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $50 - For Him! Hoping that everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!


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