White Dog - Philadelphia Lunch Cafe Review

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Last week Bill and I had ourselves a romantic lunch-date at White Dog Cafe, in University City Philadelphia. This is a very popular spot in U City. While we waited for our seats, it was clear that the White Dog staff was accustomed and prepared for the hustle and bustle. If you’re visiting or if you’re from the area and have not yet tried this adorable restaurant I highly recommend you make the time. I’ve detailed our whole experience below in a comprehensive review for you.

The Atmosphere

White dog has so many fabulously decorated rooms! But the latest of their renovations is their Solarium, which is where we were seated. Between the bright colors, the playful patterns, and all the beautiful plants, I was ready to re-model my whole apartment to match. They even had a fun swing seat! I must have rambled on to Bill about how much I loved the decor for a good 20 minutes.

The Drinks

We started off our White Dog experience with two signature cocktails. I ordered the “Go See A Man About A Grog” which was a mix of sailor jerry spiced rum, laird’s applejack, apple cider, rainwater madeira, chai, maple, lime, and ginger ale. It was tall glass of sweet autumn air. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a light and sweet cocktail. Bill ordered the Bacon Pugkin which featured bacon infused knob creek rye, pumpkin, date nectar bitter truth allspice dram, angostura. Like mine, this drink also embodied the fall season but had a thicker consistence and stronger flavor. We ended up sharing both like we always do!

The Food

While we waited for our food the waiter brought out an assortment of cake compliments of the chef: one pumpkin, one almond, and one chocolate chip, but all delicious! However, they didn’t hold a candle to what came next. The Harvest Squash Bisque and the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare were two of the best dishes I’ve had in a very long time! This warm bisque, which featured spiced pumpkin seeds, was both sweet and savory. It was a creamy bowl of heaven! Speaking of creamy, the tartare came topped with a heap of deliciously smooth guacamole. Meanwhile, the fresh taste of the yellowfin was complimented by the sweet sesame soy glaze. We will definitely be heading back to White Dog so that we can indulge in these two dishes again. And lastly, we couldn’t leave without dessert! So we shared the Singing Dog Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée and the Cinnamon Brioche Bread Pudding. The brûlée, which is one of our favorite desserts to order wherever we go, was topped with some tasty molasses cookies and did not disappoint! Meanwhile, the bread pudding was topped with pumpkin sorbet and cranberry orange sauce. The main pudding was baked to perfection; it was moist but cohesive. And the best part was the pumpkin sorbet because it added remarkable flavor. Suffice it to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at White Dog Cafe and look forward to dinning there again. For more photos and videos of our experience, feel free to flip through the Instagram “FOOD” Highlight I posted from that day!

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Best Of Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018


HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOLKS! It’s that time of the year again and the Black Friday Sales have already started. I’ve rounded up the best sales that are going on right now and even included suggestions for some of them! I’ll be updating this as the week goes on so stay tuned!

1. Daniel Wellington

50% Off Select Styles, 20% Off Gift Sets, Free Strap

I own the Classic Petite Melrose watch (featured in the photo above with the Classic Cuff Rose Gold bracelet) and I absolutely love it! If you’re looking for a dainty fashion-forward time piece, Daniel Wellington has a crazy good selection. Now until November 26th, score a free strap with the purchase of any watch. Meanwhile, their Dapper Collection is 50% off and these select sets are an extra 20% off. Plus, use my code BESTTRENDS for an additional 15% any of the above deals.

2. Boohoo

60% Off Everything

Last year I did some damage to my bank account with this sale! There are so many trendy products for under $20 that it’s a bit overwhelming. So I’ve gathered a few of my favorites and I’m linking them below!

3. Dagne Dover

20% Off Everything

Okay so if I could afford to buy every single Dagne Dover handbag style, I so would! I own the Classic Tote and Petite Tote already but I have my eyes on the Andra Crossbody next. Dagne Dover bags are made with impeccable quality and feature sleek minimalist designs! This is definitely one of my favorite handbag brands.

4. Nasty Gal

60% Off Everything

Nasty Gal is always right on track with all the popular trends! They’ve got some great snake and leopard print items, both of which are hot prints in the fashion industry at the moment. Shop my favorites below and remember.. the entire website is 60% off!

5. Levi’s

40% Off Everything

6 out of 10 of my pairs of jeans are Levi’s and they are hands down my favorite. Levi’s makes quality denim affordable, and even more so now that everything is 40% off. I do suggest trying on in-store first because I’ve found that my size varies greatly depending on the style.

6. J.Crew

50% Off Purchase

J.Crew always has the most classic styles! And rarely do full price items go on such a steep sale. Right now get 40% off your entire purchase. Linking up the cutest stuff right here!

7. Casetify

20%-30% Off Purchase

My all time favorite Apple Watch band is the Simply White band by Casetify! It’s comfortable, high-quality, and the white is stunning. For a full review and more photos of it styled, visit my post HOW TO MAKE SCRUBS STYLISH. Right now, Casetify is offering 20% off $25+, 25% off $65+, and 30% off $100+!

8. Medelita

30% Off Purchase

If you’re a health care professional looking for some new scrubs, look no further than Medelita! For a full review and photos of some of their scrubs, visit my HOW TO MAKE SCRUBS STYLISH blog post. For Cyber Week, Medelita is offering 30% off your purchase!




Casual Chic Pieces Under $50 - The Story of An Affordable Boutique

I love shopping small boutiques because you can find trendy apparel sold in smaller quantities, therefore making it more unique than the mass produced pieces at large corporate stores. What’s more is that the quality of these pieces are usually better too! Take for example this Harper Sweatshirt, sold by Trendy Moo. I fell in love with this piece from the start because of the sporty-chic, minimalist design. And when it arrived in the mail, I was even more impressed by the high quality of the material, especially considering it was priced at only $36. Although the Harper Sweatshirt I’m wearing is sold out, Trendy Moo has a bunch of other casual-chic tops to die for like the Berkley Top, the Reese Top, or the Abbie Top. As the title of this blog posts suggests, everything sold by this boutique is indeed under $50! Talk about affordable right? Aside from their cute apparel, Trendy Moo also offers a large selection of accessories, so if you’re searching for some stocking stuffer ideas I highly recommend checking out their collection of earrings and necklaces! Stay tuned for more gift ideas coming to BTFL soon.

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Louie Louie - Philadelphia Bistro Review

If you’re a Philly foodie and looking for a new spot, boy do I have some news for you! Bill and I recently enjoyed an incredible meal at Louie Louie located in University City, Philadelphia. Louie Louie just opened up this past summer. Everyday on my way home from school, I’d walk by and see the large dinner crowd. A wave of envy would wash over me every time! Fortunately, Bill and I finally made some time to dine in at Louie Louie for brunch. And as you can judge by the length of this post, I have a lot to say about our experience!

The Staff and Ambience

From the greeter to the server, the staff was incredibly welcoming and amicable. Our server was great about making sure we were well equipped with water and checking in with us about our food. I’m also a huge fan of the chic decor. Between the palm trees, bright colors, prints, and vintage mirrors, it had a very Miami vibe to it. From the moment we arrive, Louie Louie was packed with families, friend groups, and couples enjoying themselves at this casual yet upscale spot.

The Drinks


We started off with an order of signature cocktails. Bill sipped on the Dual Fashioned (made with White Dog Café Single Barrel Jefferson's Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Caramelized Sugar, Angostura), while I enjoyed the Margaux Your Own Way (made with The Real McCoy 3 Year White Rum, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lime, Honey, Q Brand Grapefruit Soda). If you have a sweet tooth, you’d really like either of these drinks. The Dual Fashioned definitely had more of a kick to it, while the Margaux Your Own Way was more of a refreshing and citrus-y option.

The Appetizers

Next up were the apps! We split the Avocado Toast and the Monkey Bread. Both were delicious in their own special ways; one savory and the other sweet. The toast was covered with avocado, ricotta, and some spices including chimichurri and dukkah. If I had to choose one adjective to describe this dish I’d go with creamy! I’m pretty sure we have the avocado and the ricotta to thank for that. Although this dish was savory it also had a hit of sweetness to it. Meanwhile the bread was smothered in cinnamon sugar and butter. The inside of the bread was soft and gooey, while the outer crust was perfectly crisp. Pulling it apart was almost as fun as eating it. Almost.

The Entrees

I’m big on breakfast food, so clearly I ordered off of the brunch menu. Meanwhile, Bill definitely prefers lunch over breakfast so clearly he went with something from the lunch menu. My dish, the Seafood Benedict was quite decadent. The english muffin was topped with poached eggs, lobster, shrimp, crab, and lastly lobster tarragon cream. It also came with a side of home fries, which usually is not my favorite side but these were really tasty. The whole thing was melt-in-your-mouth good! The eggs were perfectly cooked so that with one twist of the knife, golden yolk came spilling out. While I was quite satisfied with my choice, I have to admit that I had a special liking for Bill’s dish, the French Dip. Between the demi baguette stuffed with roast beef, gruyere, and black truffle mayo, and the sides of shallot broth and the truffle pomme frites, I was sold! Anyone who’s friends with me knows how much I love sauces, so the fact that this delicious sandwich came with a side bowl of dipping broth was like heaven for me. I also went to town on those truffle pomme frites. I’m a sucker for thinly sliced fries, especially ones that featured a hint of truffle oil flavor.

The Desserts

My favorite part of any meal is dessert. Yes, I’m a dental student with a huge sweet tooth. Bill and I love a good Crème Brûlée so when we saw that on the menu we had to have it. We also enjoyed ourselves some of the Apple Pie in a Jar as well. The crème brûlée was one of the best we’ve ever had. The sugar top was perfectly burnt while the vanilla bean custard was a spoon full of heaven. It’s pretty hard to follow up after the crème brûlé, but the Apple Pie in a Jar was a very close second. Warm Apples, buttery pie crust, vanilla ice cream, and a delightful berry caramel sauce, all in a jar? Sign me up!

Suffice it to say, Bill and I will be heading back to Louie Louie very soon. Not only is it a great brunch spot, but their dinner and happy hour menus look just as incredible. Be sure to check out my Instagram Story Highlight recapping our entire meal in real time!

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Ear Bar Party with Maison Miru

“WINTER IS COMING!” That’s right, the season of sweaters, scarves, and many many layers is nearly here. With high necklines and long sleeves hiding our necklaces and bracelets, that leaves our ears as our only canvas for accessorizing during the winter. With three piercings on each ear, I have a great space to style together different pieces. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Maison Miru, a brand that creates luxurious and timeless jewelry, has their very own Ear Bar. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “ear bar,” it’s a space that offers a vast collection of earrings that have the potential of pairing well together. And the Maison Miru Ear Bar does just that! I always struggled with finding jewels that were delicate enough to sit right next to each other, which is why I rarely wore earrings in every single hole at the same time. And so I was jumping with joy when I discovered that Maison Miru offers 100+ minimalist styles that lend themselves to being paired with one another. Above I’m sharing some photos with you of the many ways I was able to style the 6 different Maison Miru earrings that I own including the 1) Mini Eternity Hoop Earrings, 2) Tiny Secret Studs, 3) Shooting Star Hoop Earrings, 4) Little Bar Studs, 5) Evil Eye Studs, and last but certainly not least their 6) Tiny Crystal Studs. I had a blast mixing and matching these different pieces and I’m thankful that I can now take advantage of all 6 of my piercings. Every morning is an “Ear Bar Party” for me now!

Aside from the earrings being insanely affordable, they’re also made with quality and care. All the earrings I featured today are made of 14K gold plated brass. This material can lasts a very long time as long as you care for them correctly, which mostly entails keeping them dry. What’s great is that Maison Miru also offers most of their styles in rhodium plated sterling silver as well, which you can wear 24/7 without worry that they’ll tarnish. Check out their exciting promotion in which you can get their signature Tiny Crystal Studs for the low price of shipping! This is a great way to check out the brand for yourself before diving in and ordering the whole lot, which I’m certain you’ll want to do!


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