The Fashion Blog That Inspires Me Most + The Pant/Boot Combo You Need To Try This Fall

The Fashion Blog That Inspires Me Most

If you've spent any time shopping with me then you've probably heard me say "That's so Man Repeller!" as I point to some extravagant purse or unique outfit.  My love for the fashion blog, Man Repeller, started about three years ago, just before I started BTFL infact.  Man Repeller has multiple authors, but it was all started by Leandra Medine, the founder and CEO, whose style continues to inspire me everyday. Not only do I love the maximalist approach to fashion that Man Repeller takes, but I also appreciate the writers' openness and humor! I like to think of Man Repeller as that funny, trendy, grandma who always speaks the truth. The outfits they feature are always unique and push the boundaries of what's considered "normal." The outfit I'm feature today was actually inspired by the many Man Repeller ensembles that feature a striped pant! More on that below.


The Pant/Boot Combo You Need To Try This Fall

So I have to admit, I did think to myself "These are so Man Repeller" while picking out these striped Elastic Waist Straight Pants, online at Zaful. I decided to pair these yellow, ultra-high-waist pants with some unexpected items like a blue striped button down and a green handbag. But the most unexpected was the pairing of these pants with my new Diaz Studded Detail Chelsea Boot. In the past, I've only ever worn ankle boots with cropped/rolled up skinny jeans, so wearing ankle boots with long striaght pants that cover part of the boot was a new look for me (the inspiration for which came from an old Man Repeller post). It felt a little strange stepping outside of my comfort zone but I was pleasantly surprised by the result! It gave the ensemble a more sophisticated look, while also somehow making me look taller! Or is that just my imagination? Either way, the straight leg pant/ankle boot combo is definitely a trend that I suggest you try out this fall! 

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Pants // Top // Boots // Handbag // Sunglasses // Bracelet // Phone Case


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2 Unexpected Places to Shop If You're Redecorating

1. Etsy

When most people think of Etsy, they think "handmade jewelry," which is true, but there's so much more to Etsy than that! In fact, I'm about to tell you about two cute shops that will make all the difference in your re-decorating efforts! Personally, I've been obsessed with marble-like designs lately and I thought what better way to incorporate that into my re-decorating plans than with some coasters right? That's how DeLucci Resin Art (an Etsy shop started by Alyssa DeLucci, a childhood friend of mine) comes into play.  Alyssa's Custom 4 Piece Resin Coaster Set are to die for! She worked with me to create a color scheme that would match my living area, and the results were stunning. The gold and silver design helps bring together my warm wood furniture with the cool grey hues in my couch and rug. Alyssa also makes phone cases, cutting boards, and leggings!! Be sure to check out the rest of her collection here. Another life-changing (a.k.a. room-changing) purchase was from another Etsy shop called, A Piece Of Bella. Aside from my love of marble, I've also been head over heals for the popular palm/tropical leaf theme. So when I stumbled upon this Palm Leaf Pillow Cover, I absolutely needed a pair for my living room.  I'm happy to say that they bring some life to my otherwise minimalist living room. And if palm print isn't your thing, A Piece Of Bella has a huge collection of pillow covers to choose from that will surely spice up your seating areas!

2. Amazon

I was in desperate need of a coffee table and rug. Unwilling to pay the shipping charges at Ikea, I started perusing Amazon's furniture selection. And to my surprise I stumbled upon some great finds. I ended up going with this Laputa Mid Century Coffee Table and this Sweet Home Grey Shag Rug, both for great prices and free shipping! Now, I was a little wearing about the quality of the items, but after receiving them I have no complains at all. The coffee table is sturdy, trendy, and was very easy to assemble. The rug is soft and the light grey color was exactly what I was looking for to contrast the dark grey of my couch!

So next time you're looking to change things up in your home, make sure to check out what Etsy and Amazon have to offer!


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4 Fall Products To Flip For + The Sports Bra Sale You Need To Know About

4 Fall Products To Flip For

1. Color Block Shoulder Bag, from RoseGal

This Chloe Faye handbag lookalike was only $20. Unfortunately, it's is sold out but have no fear.. I'm linking up two similar bags here and here, which are both around the same price range. I've been longing after a handbag with a metal ring/chain design but unwilling to spend big money so I took a risk and ordered this one. Being that it's faux leather/suede, I was worried about the quality of the purse, but was pleasantly surprised when it came in the mail! For the price, it was definitely a steal!

2. Tassels Heathered Sweaters, from Zaful

Nothing screams fall like a good sweater. And why not one with a little fringe, or A LOT of fringe? This bad boy is not only comfortable, but it's also trendy and unique. Also, it kind of reminds me of the scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz, which is all the more festive for the fall season! 

3. Bow Pointed Toe Satin Slipper, from RoseGal

These adorable kitten heels look exactly like the Balenciaga Satin Mules that I've been obsessed with, except they're only $33 instead of a $600+. Mules and satin have both been reoccurring trends, and so it's no wonder that a shoe that incorporates both is so cute! Not to mention that the dark emerald color is such a great fall color.

4. Gigot Sleeve Batwing Top, from Shein 

Now that summer is over, my all-black-er'thing wardrobe is taking effect. But I'm also trying to build the hide-the-post-Thanksgiving- dinner-body wardrobe if ya know what I mean. And that's where this flowy top comes in handy! The fitted sleeves offering a flattering design while the boxy body is perfect for hiding a food babies.


The Sports Bra Sale You Need To Know About

How does two Victoria's Secret Sports bras for the price of one sound? To get this deal just follow these easy steps..

1. Add a quantity of 2x The Player by Victoria Sport Layered Sports Bra (one of my favorites and one of the best priced options), or two different sports bras to your cart.

2. Proceed to your cart and apply the following promo code; BOGOBRAS (buy one get one free sports bras). If you only want one bra, then use VSPI0926 for 25% off sports bras!

3. The total for 2 sports bras should come out to be the price for just one!

P.S. If you want free shipping, just order a bunch of stuff in different sizes to get your order up to $50 and use FREESHIP50. This way you'll be able to try things on, decide what you want, then return the rest to a store near you. 



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Designer Looks For Less - 4 Products Under $40

1. Classic Maxi Dress

The black, sleek, maxi dress is an elegant look that many designers include a variation of in their collections -- take this MIU MIU Silk Dress for example. But instead of spending over $1,000 on a dress, I'm sharing with you guys this Front Slit Maxi Dress which is only $34 (with code DA50) from Tobi, an affordable online shop that always has the latest fashion trends! 


2. Long-sleeve Ribbed Turtleneck

Ribbed turtlenecks continue to be a popular fall item. With long sleeves and a slim fit design, the turtleneck can be both flattering and on trend. This Vince Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater is everything we could ever want in a turtleneck, except that it's over $100. If you're trying to not break the bank with this purchase I highly suggest this H&M look-alike, which is only $9.99. 


3. Faux Leather Metal Ring Bag

Handbags with metal ring detailing have taken the fashion industry by storm, with Chloé being one of the largest contributors to this trend. While some of these designer handbags can cost thousands of dollars, I found this incredibly stylish Faux Leather Metal Ring Crossbody, at Zaful, for only $20.99, a fraction of the cost! That being said, this purse is not made with real leather or to the same standards that a designer handbag would be made. But for the price, this handbag is more than worth it, I can assure you! 


4. White Tennis Sneaker

Every fashionista has a white tennis shoe nowadays, and with good reason. They are trendy, comfortable, and go with just about everything. While I would love a pair of $600 Gucci kicks, the Adidas Stan Smith is a much more affordable option. What's more is that instead of purchasing a 7.5 women's shoe, I went with the identical "big kids" shoe in a size 5.5 instead, bringing the price down about $20!


And there you have it, 4 trendy products for under $40, because you doesn't love a good buy right?! More designer-dupes to come on BTFL, so stay tuned!

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Dress // Top // Purse // Kicks // Sunglasses


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Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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Why Every Girl Should Try Wearing A Dress Over Pants

The first time I had heard about the "Dress Over Pants" trend was in this blog post by Man Repeller (my all-time favorite fashion blogger)! My first thought was "This is so Man Repeller," and my second thought was "I NEED to try this out." So I grabbed my newest pair of jeans, the Glendale Jeans by Tobi, and started trying on all my summer dresses, finally deciding on this White Shirt Dress by Whoosh. Styling and wearing this outfit made me realize how ingenious the "Dress Over Pants" trend is. Here's why..


1. More use out of summer dresses.

The transition to chilly fall weather generally marks the end of dress season. But with the added warmth of pants a dresses lifespan can be prolonged well into the cooler season!


2. Layering just looks cool.

I'm honestly not sure what it is about pilling clothing on top of other clothing that makes an outfit look so trendy. Maybe it's the added dimension or just the fact that you're wearing more trendy items? Whatever it is, I'm about it!


3. Free to bend down.

I find that with most short dresses, the act of bending over must be executed with caution -- I'm always fearful of accidentally mooning someone behind me. This can all be avoided by wearing pants with the ensemble!


4. No need to shave the legs.

It's time to get real. Some times you just don't have time to shave your legs, am I right? In those cases, wearing a dress wasn't really an option for me, until now!


To sum things up, wearing a dress over pants is a trend I truly recommend you try out this fall!

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Denim // Dress // Heels // Sunglasses // Purse


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