Why Every Girl Should Try Wearing A Dress Over Pants

The first time I had heard about the "Dress Over Pants" trend was in this blog post by Man Repeller (my all-time favorite fashion blogger)! My first thought was "This is so Man Repeller," and my second thought was "I NEED to try this out." So I grabbed my newest pair of jeans, the Glendale Jeans by Tobi, and started trying on all my summer dresses, finally deciding on this White Shirt Dress by Whoosh. Styling and wearing this outfit made me realize how ingenious the "Dress Over Pants" trend is. Here's why..


1. More use out of summer dresses.

The transition to chilly fall weather generally marks the end of dress season. But with the added warmth of pants a dresses lifespan can be prolonged well into the cooler season!


2. Layering just looks cool.

I'm honestly not sure what it is about pilling clothing on top of other clothing that makes an outfit look so trendy. Maybe it's the added dimension or just the fact that you're wearing more trendy items? Whatever it is, I'm about it!


3. Free to bend down.

I find that with most short dresses, the act of bending over must be executed with caution -- I'm always fearful of accidentally mooning someone behind me. This can all be avoided by wearing pants with the ensemble!


4. No need to shave the legs.

It's time to get real. Some times you just don't have time to shave your legs, am I right? In those cases, wearing a dress wasn't really an option for me, until now!


To sum things up, wearing a dress over pants is a trend I truly recommend you try out this fall!

Outfit Details

Denim // Dress // Heels // Sunglasses // Purse


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