Sporty vs. Baby - If The Spice Girls Styled a Denim Skirt In 2018

Having some fun over here at BTFL (whilst on a break from studying for NBDE Part 1 Boards Examination) channeling my inner Spice Girls in order to bring you today's post. With some help from my friends over at Emmer and Oat and EGO Shoes, I was able to take one old denim skirt and style it two very different ways -- 1) the sporty look, as Sporty Spice would have it and 2) the girlie look, as Baby Spice would style it. Truth be told, growing up I was the biggest Spice Girls fan out there. I had the Spice Girls Barbie Dolls, I collected Spice Girl lollipop rappers, and of course I watched the Spice World movie upwards of 20 times. My two favorites were always Sporty and Baby so it should come as no surprise that I've identified with them while styling today's ensembles. 

1) Sporty

One would think that styling a skirt (especially a denim one) in a "sporty" yet trendy manner would be somewhat impossible. Well now days, with all the sneaker trends going on, I found it quite simple using these chunky Kim sneakers from EGO, featured above. By the way these, on-trend kicks are only $28 right now! Obviously, Sporty Spice was almost always in athletic gear, but at the same time she liked to show off a little midriff using a cropped top or sports bra. I've mirrored a similar, albeit less sporty, look using this adorable Ruffle Crop Top, from Emmer and Oat. This scrunchy top trend is a huge throw back to the late 90's (A.K.A. the Spice Girl era) and I'm loving it! 

2) Baby

Short skirts, platform shoes, pastel hues. Baby Spice was by far the girliest of all the Spice Girls! And if she were to style a skirt today, I could definitely see her using this top and these chunky sandals. This Rose and White Ruffle Top, also from Emmer and Oat, is such a sweet little number with lots of girlie detailing like it's pink hue and ruffle straps! And can't you just see Baby wearing these Rebel Chunky Sandal, from EGO?! Platform/chunky shoes have been a very popular lately and I'm more than okay with it. Maybe it's because they help add some height to my short stature?

If you're on the lookout for some unique and quality-made apparel, I highly suggest you check out the rest of the Emmer and Oat collection. And as for footwear, EGO, which is one of my go-to places to shop for shoes, is offering 50% off select styles right now!

Outfit #1 Details:

Top // Purse // Sneakers // Skirt (similar) // Apple Watch Band // Bracelet // Necklace


Outfit #2 Details: 

Top // Sandals // Handbag // Skirt (similar) // Ring // Bracelet


Photographer #1:

Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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Why Every Girl Should Try Wearing A Dress Over Pants

The first time I had heard about the "Dress Over Pants" trend was in this blog post by Man Repeller (my all-time favorite fashion blogger)! My first thought was "This is so Man Repeller," and my second thought was "I NEED to try this out." So I grabbed my newest pair of jeans, the Glendale Jeans by Tobi, and started trying on all my summer dresses, finally deciding on this White Shirt Dress by Whoosh. Styling and wearing this outfit made me realize how ingenious the "Dress Over Pants" trend is. Here's why..


1. More use out of summer dresses.

The transition to chilly fall weather generally marks the end of dress season. But with the added warmth of pants a dresses lifespan can be prolonged well into the cooler season!


2. Layering just looks cool.

I'm honestly not sure what it is about pilling clothing on top of other clothing that makes an outfit look so trendy. Maybe it's the added dimension or just the fact that you're wearing more trendy items? Whatever it is, I'm about it!


3. Free to bend down.

I find that with most short dresses, the act of bending over must be executed with caution -- I'm always fearful of accidentally mooning someone behind me. This can all be avoided by wearing pants with the ensemble!


4. No need to shave the legs.

It's time to get real. Some times you just don't have time to shave your legs, am I right? In those cases, wearing a dress wasn't really an option for me, until now!


To sum things up, wearing a dress over pants is a trend I truly recommend you try out this fall!

Outfit Details

Denim // Dress // Heels // Sunglasses // Purse


Stylist, Model, Photographer, and Writer



Three Reasons Why Mom Jeans Rule + How To Style Them

Everyone's heard about the mom-jean-comeback right? I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. How could a pair of frumpy jeans be making such a grand "comeback"? So I decided to test them out for myself. I snagged the pair that I'm wearing today from a thrift shop (but linking a similar pair here) not knowing if I'd ever really wear them, considering the not-so-flattering loose fit. But after my first time out with them, it fell madly in love! And I soon came to realize the three main reasons why mom jeans rule..

1. Room for the food-baby.

Mom jeans by nature are loose fitting, which most importantly means that there is room to eat as much as your heart desires! I wore these bad boys to a potluck dinner the other day and it was magical. I was able to grow an impressive food-baby without any room restrictions!

2. No jean-dance required. 

Every girl who's ever owned a pair of skin-tight jeans knows first hand how difficult it is to get in and out of them. Once you get both legs in, you're left having to do a butt-wiggling dance to shimmy the rest of the way into them. Mom jeans on the other hand? Super easy to get in and out of!

3. Trendy with the right apparel.

Since mom jeans on their own are a little frumpy looking, it's important for the rest of the outfit to be "on." Which means.. the top has to be trendy, the shoes need to make a statement, and the accessories have to be cute. So I decided to pair my mom jeans with this stylish Vertical Striped Drop Shoulder Tie Detail Blouse, from Shein, my comfortable Jean Mules, from K.Dan Flat Shoes, and a pair of oval sunglasses that I got for $10 on Amazon! When styled all together, the result is a comfortable yet fashionable ensemble!

In conclusion, I am now an avid mom-jean-wearer and I hope that my strange ramblings of food-babies and jean-dances will inspire you to give them a try too!

Outfit Details

Denim (similar) // Top // Mules // Sunglasses // Earrings


Stylist, Model, Photographer, and Writer