The Fashion Blog That Inspires Me Most + The Pant/Boot Combo You Need To Try This Fall

The Fashion Blog That Inspires Me Most

If you've spent any time shopping with me then you've probably heard me say "That's so Man Repeller!" as I point to some extravagant purse or unique outfit.  My love for the fashion blog, Man Repeller, started about three years ago, just before I started BTFL infact.  Man Repeller has multiple authors, but it was all started by Leandra Medine, the founder and CEO, whose style continues to inspire me everyday. Not only do I love the maximalist approach to fashion that Man Repeller takes, but I also appreciate the writers' openness and humor! I like to think of Man Repeller as that funny, trendy, grandma who always speaks the truth. The outfits they feature are always unique and push the boundaries of what's considered "normal." The outfit I'm feature today was actually inspired by the many Man Repeller ensembles that feature a striped pant! More on that below.


The Pant/Boot Combo You Need To Try This Fall

So I have to admit, I did think to myself "These are so Man Repeller" while picking out these striped Elastic Waist Straight Pants, online at Zaful. I decided to pair these yellow, ultra-high-waist pants with some unexpected items like a blue striped button down and a green handbag. But the most unexpected was the pairing of these pants with my new Diaz Studded Detail Chelsea Boot. In the past, I've only ever worn ankle boots with cropped/rolled up skinny jeans, so wearing ankle boots with long striaght pants that cover part of the boot was a new look for me (the inspiration for which came from an old Man Repeller post). It felt a little strange stepping outside of my comfort zone but I was pleasantly surprised by the result! It gave the ensemble a more sophisticated look, while also somehow making me look taller! Or is that just my imagination? Either way, the straight leg pant/ankle boot combo is definitely a trend that I suggest you try out this fall! 

Outfit Details

Pants // Top // Boots // Handbag // Sunglasses // Bracelet // Phone Case


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