Independence Yay!

It's July 1st! Which means that Independence Day is right around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than with a festive red, white, and blue ensemble? The Matilda top, by Avocado Sister, is quite literally the perfect top for this occasion. Similar to our beautiful flag, this blouse features red and white stripes. As for the blue, I'm sporting both denim pants and denim sunglasses, a.k.a. the Kelper, by Mosevic! And to top it off, I'm wearing these gorgeous White Sorbet Summer Raindrop, by Vant Jag. These beauties add some extra pizzazz to this casual 4th of July ensemble! 

Now I want to see what ya'll have planned for this weekend. Tag @besttrendsforlife on Instagram to share your outfit ideas!  


Outfit Details:
Top: The Matilda - Red Stripe, by Avocado Sister
Earrings: White Sorbet Summer Raindrop, by Vant Jag
Jeans: Not Your Boyfriend's Jeans, by Fascino
Sandals: Fiesta - White, by Restricted Shoes
Sunglasses: Kelper - Indigo, by Mosevic
Purse: Vintage Coach purse

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