Louie Louie - Philadelphia Bistro Review

If you’re a Philly foodie and looking for a new spot, boy do I have some news for you! Bill and I recently enjoyed an incredible meal at Louie Louie located in University City, Philadelphia. Louie Louie just opened up this past summer. Everyday on my way home from school, I’d walk by and see the large dinner crowd. A wave of envy would wash over me every time! Fortunately, Bill and I finally made some time to dine in at Louie Louie for brunch. And as you can judge by the length of this post, I have a lot to say about our experience!

The Staff and Ambience

From the greeter to the server, the staff was incredibly welcoming and amicable. Our server was great about making sure we were well equipped with water and checking in with us about our food. I’m also a huge fan of the chic decor. Between the palm trees, bright colors, prints, and vintage mirrors, it had a very Miami vibe to it. From the moment we arrive, Louie Louie was packed with families, friend groups, and couples enjoying themselves at this casual yet upscale spot.

The Drinks


We started off with an order of signature cocktails. Bill sipped on the Dual Fashioned (made with White Dog Café Single Barrel Jefferson's Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Caramelized Sugar, Angostura), while I enjoyed the Margaux Your Own Way (made with The Real McCoy 3 Year White Rum, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lime, Honey, Q Brand Grapefruit Soda). If you have a sweet tooth, you’d really like either of these drinks. The Dual Fashioned definitely had more of a kick to it, while the Margaux Your Own Way was more of a refreshing and citrus-y option.

The Appetizers

Next up were the apps! We split the Avocado Toast and the Monkey Bread. Both were delicious in their own special ways; one savory and the other sweet. The toast was covered with avocado, ricotta, and some spices including chimichurri and dukkah. If I had to choose one adjective to describe this dish I’d go with creamy! I’m pretty sure we have the avocado and the ricotta to thank for that. Although this dish was savory it also had a hit of sweetness to it. Meanwhile the bread was smothered in cinnamon sugar and butter. The inside of the bread was soft and gooey, while the outer crust was perfectly crisp. Pulling it apart was almost as fun as eating it. Almost.

The Entrees

I’m big on breakfast food, so clearly I ordered off of the brunch menu. Meanwhile, Bill definitely prefers lunch over breakfast so clearly he went with something from the lunch menu. My dish, the Seafood Benedict was quite decadent. The english muffin was topped with poached eggs, lobster, shrimp, crab, and lastly lobster tarragon cream. It also came with a side of home fries, which usually is not my favorite side but these were really tasty. The whole thing was melt-in-your-mouth good! The eggs were perfectly cooked so that with one twist of the knife, golden yolk came spilling out. While I was quite satisfied with my choice, I have to admit that I had a special liking for Bill’s dish, the French Dip. Between the demi baguette stuffed with roast beef, gruyere, and black truffle mayo, and the sides of shallot broth and the truffle pomme frites, I was sold! Anyone who’s friends with me knows how much I love sauces, so the fact that this delicious sandwich came with a side bowl of dipping broth was like heaven for me. I also went to town on those truffle pomme frites. I’m a sucker for thinly sliced fries, especially ones that featured a hint of truffle oil flavor.

The Desserts

My favorite part of any meal is dessert. Yes, I’m a dental student with a huge sweet tooth. Bill and I love a good Crème Brûlée so when we saw that on the menu we had to have it. We also enjoyed ourselves some of the Apple Pie in a Jar as well. The crème brûlée was one of the best we’ve ever had. The sugar top was perfectly burnt while the vanilla bean custard was a spoon full of heaven. It’s pretty hard to follow up after the crème brûlé, but the Apple Pie in a Jar was a very close second. Warm Apples, buttery pie crust, vanilla ice cream, and a delightful berry caramel sauce, all in a jar? Sign me up!

Suffice it to say, Bill and I will be heading back to Louie Louie very soon. Not only is it a great brunch spot, but their dinner and happy hour menus look just as incredible. Be sure to check out my Instagram Story Highlight recapping our entire meal in real time!

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