Creating The Perfect "Day Off" Outfit

Sometimes you just need to take a day off, am I right? After 7 days of 9am-7pm training for my Graduate Associate position, I'm in serious need of one! And thus, I got inspired to do this blog post. There are three important steps for creating the perfect "day off" outfit that is both stylish and comfortable..


1. A Baseball Cap

First up, is my Day Off Lounger Hat, from Kittsona! On my day off, I don't want to worry about styling my hair, so a baseball cap is key. And what better hat than one that describes your day perfectly? I love love love, this cap, and not only because of the cute phrase it features, but also because it's an awesome color. By the way, Kittsona has an awesome collection of hats which I suggest you take a gander at.


2. The T-Shirt

My definition of the perfect "day off" tee is one that is soft, loose-fit, and my go-to color (black). The Heartthrob Distressed Tee, also from Kittsona, has all these qualities, as well as a few signs of "distress" making it all the more care-free-themed.


3. The Kicks

On any given "day off" I may have to run a few errands, and therefore sneakers are my go-to choice. One little tip I have for you is to check out kids sneakers! That's right, kids sneakers! For example, the Nike tennis shoes that I'm wearing today are actually a "big kids" size 5.5. I'm usually a women's size 7.5 so the general rule of thumb is to subtract 2. Why buy children's shoes? Because they're usually much cheaper for the same exact design!


Hope this inspires you to kick back and relax in a fashionable but comfy ensemble! And with that, I'm off to treat myself to a delicious dim-sum dinner and enjoy the rest of my day off.

Outfit Details

Hat // Tee // Jeans // Sunglasses // Sneakers


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