Do Your Shoes And Belt Need To Match?

You've probably heard of the rule that says the color of one's belt should match the color of one's shoes. But in today's world, fashion is all about breaking the rules. So is this one of the rules we can break? To answer this question, I've brought in one of my favorite fashion experts to help out -- my dad! Using our J. Ellis belts, his Rhea Footwear boots, and my Kendall + Kylie mules, my dad and I were able to come to a conclusion. 

If you haven't already guessed by our outfits, we've decided that one's belt and shoes don't need to match in color, they just need to "go." But it's a little more complicated than that. So I'm breaking it down in terms of men's wear and women's wear.


Men's Fashion

My dad has paired the 1.5 Inch Navy Suede Belt, by J. Ellis Leather Designs, with the Classic Boot, in Smoked Brown, by Rhea Footwear.  As a side note, my dad loves both of these products! The belt is made with quality navy suede on one side and a smooth chocolate leather on the other. Meanwhile, the boots are also made with a beautiful brown leather and with non-slip grip technology on the soles. The two aren't the same color or even the same finish (one suede, one leather), and yet they pair nicely together, destroying the notion that you must always match your belt to your shoes. That being said, it also helps to wear something that contains the two colors that you're trying to pair together. For example, my dad is wearing a jacket that has hints of both brown and blue acting as a mediator between the belt and boots. While we love this look, my dad and I agree that there are still situations in which a man's belt and shoes should match in color -- for formal events that require a suite or tux.

Outfit Details

Belt // Boots // Shirt (similar) // Jacket (similar) // Jeans



Women's Fashion

I've paired together the 1 Inch Green Suede Belt, by J. Ellis Leather Designs, and my red Kendall + Kylie mules. Like my father, I also admire the quality with which my belt was made. It's one of those things I know will be in my closet 10 years from now because 1) it'll still be in great shape and 2) it's classic design will never go out of style. While both my belt and shoes are suede, the colors couldn't be more different. But in women's fashion, styling two bright, but very different, colors together is very popular! The contrast makes for a striking appearance. So why not do it with your belt and shoes!? The colors don't need to match, the just have to go well with one another.

In conclusion, my dad and I have decided it's okay (and encouraged) to break this outdated fashion rule, but with caution and only for casual ensambles.

Outfit Details

Belt // Flats // Top // Pants // Bandana // Sunglasses


Model #1 and Photographer #1

Papa Andalia


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