Three Reasons Why Mom Jeans Rule + How To Style Them

Everyone's heard about the mom-jean-comeback right? I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. How could a pair of frumpy jeans be making such a grand "comeback"? So I decided to test them out for myself. I snagged the pair that I'm wearing today from a thrift shop (but linking a similar pair here) not knowing if I'd ever really wear them, considering the not-so-flattering loose fit. But after my first time out with them, it fell madly in love! And I soon came to realize the three main reasons why mom jeans rule..

1. Room for the food-baby.

Mom jeans by nature are loose fitting, which most importantly means that there is room to eat as much as your heart desires! I wore these bad boys to a potluck dinner the other day and it was magical. I was able to grow an impressive food-baby without any room restrictions!

2. No jean-dance required. 

Every girl who's ever owned a pair of skin-tight jeans knows first hand how difficult it is to get in and out of them. Once you get both legs in, you're left having to do a butt-wiggling dance to shimmy the rest of the way into them. Mom jeans on the other hand? Super easy to get in and out of!

3. Trendy with the right apparel.

Since mom jeans on their own are a little frumpy looking, it's important for the rest of the outfit to be "on." Which means.. the top has to be trendy, the shoes need to make a statement, and the accessories have to be cute. So I decided to pair my mom jeans with this stylish Vertical Striped Drop Shoulder Tie Detail Blouse, from Shein, my comfortable Jean Mules, from K.Dan Flat Shoes, and a pair of oval sunglasses that I got for $10 on Amazon! When styled all together, the result is a comfortable yet fashionable ensemble!

In conclusion, I am now an avid mom-jean-wearer and I hope that my strange ramblings of food-babies and jean-dances will inspire you to give them a try too!

Outfit Details

Denim (similar) // Top // Mules // Sunglasses // Earrings


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Creating The Perfect "Day Off" Outfit

Sometimes you just need to take a day off, am I right? After 7 days of 9am-7pm training for my Graduate Associate position, I'm in serious need of one! And thus, I got inspired to do this blog post. There are three important steps for creating the perfect "day off" outfit that is both stylish and comfortable..


1. A Baseball Cap

First up, is my Day Off Lounger Hat, from Kittsona! On my day off, I don't want to worry about styling my hair, so a baseball cap is key. And what better hat than one that describes your day perfectly? I love love love, this cap, and not only because of the cute phrase it features, but also because it's an awesome color. By the way, Kittsona has an awesome collection of hats which I suggest you take a gander at.


2. The T-Shirt

My definition of the perfect "day off" tee is one that is soft, loose-fit, and my go-to color (black). The Heartthrob Distressed Tee, also from Kittsona, has all these qualities, as well as a few signs of "distress" making it all the more care-free-themed.


3. The Kicks

On any given "day off" I may have to run a few errands, and therefore sneakers are my go-to choice. One little tip I have for you is to check out kids sneakers! That's right, kids sneakers! For example, the Nike tennis shoes that I'm wearing today are actually a "big kids" size 5.5. I'm usually a women's size 7.5 so the general rule of thumb is to subtract 2. Why buy children's shoes? Because they're usually much cheaper for the same exact design!


Hope this inspires you to kick back and relax in a fashionable but comfy ensemble! And with that, I'm off to treat myself to a delicious dim-sum dinner and enjoy the rest of my day off.

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Hat // Tee // Jeans // Sunglasses // Sneakers


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Embracing Maximalism - The Story Of An Outfit "Mash-Up"

In Season 7/Episode 8 of The Office, Erin Hannon says "There's this thing on Glee called Mash-Up, where two things that don't go together make one great song." (The Office is my all time favorite show if you haven't guessed by my obscure quoting abilities.) A "mash-up" is how I like to think of a maximalist outfit. It's like taking clothing that you would never have thought to pair with one another and then doing exactly that. If you aren't familiar with maximalism, it's a popular trend that focuses on explosions of colors, patterns, and lots of accessories. It's actually incredibly fun to style a maximalist outfit so I'm sharing a little how-to guide to get you started..

1. Colors

Red. Teal. Yellow. Would you think to pair all three of these colors together? No right? Me neither! That is until I started thinking like a maximalist. I put on my teal Silk Wide Leg Pants, by Le Mouton Bleu Shop (which are incredibly comfortable and are now my favorite pants ever) and thought to myself, "what other colorful pieces would make this outfit pop?" And so I went to my shoe collection and forced myself to go outside my comfort zone of white or black shoes, and instead picked out my most color flats! And that's how I came to pair these elegant pants with the bright yellow Matrix Frill Detail Slider, by EGO. But two bright colors wasn't enough of a "mash-up" for me so I added a red handkerchief to the mix.

2. Patterns/Graphics

Aside from mixing extremely different colors together, it's also fun to play around with patterns! Like mixing pin stripes with polka dots for example. Another alternative is to take advantage of the graphic designs on t shirts! I'm wearing a "NYC" Vintage Lace Up T Shirt, by Luna Amora. Not only does it add a pattern to the outfit, but it also brings an edgy look which contrasts the elegant pant, creating a "mash-up" of it's own.

3. Accessories

This part is probably my favorite! You have to go all out when you're embracing maximalism, and what better way to do that than ornamenting the outfit with a stunning handbag, lots of jewelry, and maybe even a scarf/handkerchief. In this case, I went with all three. First off, I'm sporting the stunning Summer Bamboo bag, by Julia Kays, to add some texture to the ensemble. This bag is of impeccable quality and is an incredibly popular design right. I really cannot get enough of it! For my jewelry, I've got on the Large Gold Hoop Earrings, by GbyDesign, and these stacking bracelets, by Tish Jewelry. Lastly, my handkerchief serves as the scarf component as well as an added burst of color!

So basically if you're throwing stuff together and you're thinking to yourself "this is a lot, but it kind of looks awesome" then you're on the right track! Embracing the maximalism trend has forced me to go outside of my wardrobe comfort zone and express the more outgoing and crazy side to my style. I can only hope that your experiences experimenting with maximalism will do the same!

Outfit Details

Trousers // T Shirt // Handbag 

Shoes // Handkerchief //Bracelets

Sunglasses // Hoop Earrings


Photographer #1,

Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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The Winter Grunge Look

I love the grungy chic trend, but for a while I found myself struggling with the balance between the grunge and the chic. So I slapped together a few tips for how to successfully pull off this look. Here's what I've learned.. 

1. The Ultimate Beanie

The simple slouchy beanie is key to the winter grunge look. While there are tons of beanies to choose from, I went with one from the Etsy shop, Iveta Stasiulioniene, known for their quality handmade products. I have absolutely no complaints about this hat -- soft, durable, and no shedding. I couldn't ask for a more dependable winter staple that goes with quite literally everything. And for even more edge, I'm also sporting fingerless mittens, which came with the hat as a set!

2. The Flannel Belt

Fashionistas left and right are tying flannels around their waist like a belt for a casual, layered look that screams grunge. Believe it or not, I found this (men's) flannel for $4 at Forever 21 on Black Friday! Sadly, I couldn't find this exact one online, but here's a similar one!

3. The Right Boots

The trick to grungy chic is not going over board with the "grunge" part. That's why I like to pair my grungy ensembles with a pair of classic boots. The Daphne Bootie, by Rhea Footwear, is the epitome of "little black boot." On top of the sophisticated design, comfortable fit, and use of quality leather, this shoe also comes with non-slip technology, something Rhea Footwear is well known for. These bad boys will keep you looking stylish and slip-free during those icy winters! Here's a video for more info about their non-slip technology. If you're curious about fit, I can assure you that their boots are true to size. I'm almost always a US 7.5 in boots, which is the size I went with, and they fit like a glove.

Hope these little tid-bits helped. Grunge away, gorgeous!

Outfit Details

Boots // Hat + Mittens // Top // Flannel (similar) // Jacket // Jeans (self ripped) // Bag // Sunglasses

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