Hands Down The Best Leather Apple Watch Bands Ever!

I wear my Apple Watch practically everyday, so having a comfortable band is very important to me. Until recently, I had just been using the apple rubber strap that came with the watch. But that all changed once I was introduced to Meridio Band! This Italian brand offers handcrafted genuine leather Apple Watch bands that are incredibly comfortable. Featured in today's post is the Chestnut Nappa Leather Apple Watch Band, worn by my dad (thanks dad!), and the Angel Whisper Nappa Leather Apple Watch Band worn by yours truly. Just a few days after gifting this band to my dad, he called me to tell me just how much he loved this product. He's eager to expand his very own Meridio Band collection to include different colors! My dad and I love these leather bands for the same three reason -- 1) the leather is comfortable, soft, and supple 2) the quality of all the materials including leather and metal finishes, are very high, and 3) they transform the apple watch into a fashionable accessory!

The Meridio Band collection is quite vast including bands of various patterns and colors. They offer each band in both watch sizes (38mm and 42mm), as well as with all possible adaptor finishes to ensure that it matches your watch. For example, my dad has the 42mm Space Gray watch, so I ordered his band in a size 42mm with a Space Grey adaptor finish, which fit/matched his watch perfectly. I have the 38mm Space Gray watch, so I ordered my band accordingly. As you can see from the photos above, the adaptor finishes also match my watch perfectly. 

Honestly, I only have good things to say about this product and my dad agrees! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Also, be on the look out for another blog post in which I'll be featuring the Dark Secret band, also by Meridio!




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