Is The Fur Coat Trend Too Extra?

Okay so maybe this blog post is just an excuse for me to whip out this family heirloom (A.K.A. this fur coat that once belonged to my favorite Aunt), which for a while I only wore for very special occasions. This was mostly because I always thought it was too extra for everyday use. But then I remembered.. EXTRA is IN! Even though I am a huge fan of minimalism, I do dabble in the maximalist trend from time to time. In today’s world of fashion, being extra is never frowned upon. And fur coats especially are very popular this winter season; faux fur and genuine fur alike. If you decide to purchase a genuine fur coat, I highly suggest buying a vintage one, so as to support the sustainable fashion movement. I’m linking up a few options for shopping vintage fur below.

So instead of letting this bad boy collect dust in my closet until the next winter wedding I have to attend, I’m going to get more use out it on the weekends. Perhaps when I strut down the streets of Center City window shopping?!

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Top // Denim // Backpack // Kicks

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Bill McGuiness (BF+BFF)


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