Three Must-Have Tortoiseshell Accessories

If you haven’t noticed, the tortoiseshell trend has been spreading like wildfire. It started with eyewear and made its way to jewelry and purses. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tortoise shell accessories from three categories sunglasses, earrings, and handbags.


    The Beid in Beige, by Covry


Tortoiseshell eyewear has long been a classic. But bolder frames are now sporting the pattern and making quite the statement. The Beid in Beige, by Covry sports a thick body and a tortoiseshell design with cool tones. Covry, the New York based brand, creates gorgeous designs with quality frames and lenses. I love Covry so much that this is actually my second pair! Check out my previous blog post about their Vega frames, which feature a subtle white tortoiseshell design!


Dark Tortoise Shell Hoops, by Fenna & Fei


I’ve practically seen tortoise shell earrings in every trendy shop that I’ve walked into the past month! But the Dark Tortoise Shell Hoops, by Fenna & Fei are different. Not only are these beauties on trend and affordable, but their posts are hypoallergenic. That means there’ll be no turning black for my ears! Brands like Forever 21 are a great place to find the lowest price for fashion-forward jewelry, but its never good quality. In general, earrings like that make my skin turn black/green. That’s why I’m so grateful that I found Fenna & Fei, a brand that uses hypoallergenic surgical steal statement earrings. The hoop of the earring is made of cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic, which is non-petroleum based, biodegradable, and Earth-friendly! And because of the material it’s made with, these earrings are insanely lightweight. I generally stray away from big statement earrings because I’m afraid it will weight down my ear lobe. But thankfully that is not a problem with these beauties. The #bosslady behind the scenes of Fenna & Fei is a talented artist who’s always happy to hear form her costumers so don’t be shy if you have any questions. Stay tuned for a blog post specifically abut trending statement earrings featuring more Fenna & Fei designs!


The Acrylic Tortoise Shell Bag, by Sollista


I have been lusting over the idea of a handbag design that incorporates tortoiseshell for a while now. When I laid my eyes on the Acrylic Tortoise Shell Bag, by Sollista, I swooned! This bag incorporates two popular bag trends; transparent acrylic and tortoiseshell. So it’s a two-for-one! You’ll notice that the flexible plastic body is not complete transparent. I actually prefer that so that it won’t discolor and people can’t see the contents of the bag as easily. Also, the materials that it’s made with are very durable and best of all, cruelty free! For only $40 you won’t find a better deal! Sollista, an Amsterdam based brand, offers so many stylish bags, all of which are cruelty-free and set at affordable prices.  I highly suggest you check out their collection and if you have any questions before purchasing, the boutique is very responsive and eager to help costumers! And don’t forget to use code BESTTRENDS for an extra 15% off your purchase.

So, have I convinced you to join the tortoiseshell bandwagon? You won’t regret it!

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