The Earring Trend Of The Season - Environmentally Friendly + Hypoallergenic

I’m sure at this point you’ve seen just about every store selling the popular plastic-based earring designs, featuring different patterns, colors, and shapes. This trend has taken over the statement earring industry and people are ecstatic. Being made with resin, lucite, or acetate, the products are inexpensive, light weight, and most of all, stunning. It’s a “Win, Win, Win” situation as Michael Scott might say! What I struggle with is the quality material that earrings are made with. Like a lot people, I have sensitive skin which turns a dark green if I wear cheap earrings. That’s why I avoid purchasing these fashion-forward earrings from places like Forever 21 and H&M. What I did instead was order mine from this adorable Etsy shop called Fenna & Fei that sells acetate earrings with hypoallergenic posts! The posts are made with high quality surgical steel so I haven’t had any problem with them turning my skin green. I’ve featuring all three Fenna & Fei designs that I own below.

  1. The Jay Hoop in Sunflower

First up is the Jay Hoop in Sunflower, a gorgeous asymmetric hoop with yellow, white, and black tortoise design. I’ve received the most compliments with these bad boys. They pair well with a casual city ensemble but also go great with beach wear. I brought them to Puerto Rico last week and Bill snapped a few photos of me wearing them on our sunset walk along the beach.

2. The Dark Tortoise Hoops

Second, is the classic Dark Tortoise Hoops, which are pretty much epitome of both the plastic earring trend and the tortoiseshell accessory trend. If you’re looking for a place to start with this trend, I highly suggest starting this these! Speaking of tortoiseshell, I linked up three of my favorite tortoiseshell accessories in my last blog post!

3. The Oval Pearl Dangle Earrings

And last but certainly not least are the sophisticated Oval Pearl Dangle Earrings. While these beauties can be dressed down with a denim jacket. But they also go really well with an elegant maxi dress, which is how I wore them in Puerto Rico when I was strolling around the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Not only does Fenna & Fei offer a large selection of unique designs, but best of all, the earrings are environmentally friendly. Fenna & Fei uses natural and renewable cellulose acetate. The acetate is made from cotton pulp and 100% acetic acid and is non-petroleum based, making it a better alternative to synthetic plastics. Aubrey, the #bosslady behind the scenes of Fenna & Fei, has priced all of her designs fairly so that they’re affordable for everyone!

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Bag // Sunglasses // Jeans // Jacket // Boots // Necklace

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Bill McGuiness


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