How To Style Monochromatic Neutrals + Calf-Length Boots For Spring

1. The Fisherman Look

Outfit #1 Details: Boots // Jumpsuit (similar) // Bag // Earrings // Sunglasses

Yes, it’s Spring! But don’t put away your neutral hues and boots just yet my friends because we’re about to dive into some popular spring trends. Traditionally, when you think spring apparel you think bright colors right? Well I’m not saying bright colors are on the back burner, but neutral tones are just as relevant right now. It’s a pretty easy trend to style since most earth tones match with one another. So easy infact that I have created not one but two looks to share with you; The Fisherman and The Safari. While both were initially inspired by my desire to put together a monochromatic natural-toned ensemble, the first look also embodies the marine-life trend that is popular. Between the fishnet bucket bag, the seashell bracelet, and the jumpsuit tucked into boots, I feel like a trendy fisherman. For the second look, I threw together some khaki Bermuda shorts, a matching sweater and belt, and then the backpack and boots to top it off for a safari-ready ensemble. In my onion, the boots are what tie both outfits all together. Talking more about them below!

Speaking of Bermuda shorts, I absolutely was not ready for that trend. I first saw them all over Zara’s website. But instead spending $40 on a pair of shorts that I wasn’t sure I was going to like, I snagged at $6 pair from Goodwill instead. Turns out, I kinda love the way they look. I shouldn’t be surprised considering I’ve never liked booty shorts though.

Now, let’s talk boots. Thought you’d have to stow away your boots once April hit? WRONG! You can totally wear boots throughout spring. They just need to be a lighter color and paired with shorts, skirts, or even linen pants. While over-the-knee boots were a big hit the past few winters, we’re starting to see more calf length boots paired with above the knee attire, to show some skin as the weather get’s warmer. In both looks, I’m featuring the awesome Semper Boot in Rubber, by Naked Feet. These buttery soft leather boots are a modern take on the cowboy boot. Hitting at mid-calf with a neutral hue, pointed toe, and tapered heel, these boots were so fun to style. Not to mention, they are quite comfortable, true to size, and so affordable considering they’re made with quality leather! Plus, use code BTFL10 for 10% off any order!

So there you have it, two trends that are super easy to get on board with; monochromatic neutrals and calf-length boots styled for spring. By the way, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below to tell me which look you prefer, The Fisherman or The Safari look?

2. The Safari Look

Outfit #2 Details: 

Boots // Bag // Belt // Sweater // Shorts (similar) // Sunglasses


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