Snake Print Styled Two Ways

  1. Urban Jungle

Outfit Details #1:  Boots // Skirt (similar) // Bag // Blouse (similar)

It’s no secret that snake print is a hot trend! Bold prints like this are hard to style so I’ve put together this post to help! The print is most popular in skirts and shoes. I took the easy way out with the first outfit by pairing a snake print skirt with a few of my favorite basic wardrobe staples. Between the plain French-tuck button down and the neutral calf-length boots, this look is one that embodies the minimalism trend even with a bold snakeskin print . By the way, I was lucky enough to score this skirt for only $6 from a thrift shop, but I’m linking up a similar one here!

I gave myself more of a challenge (but certainly had more fun) styling the second outfit. I wanted to see how another pattern would pair with snake print, so I used my new Zeke Sandal by Naked Feet to experiment with. The Zeke Sandal features a bunch of neutral tones; different hues of white, grey, and black. This makes it a lot easier to style with other patterns, like this floral kimono! As long as the two prints share similar colors, they’ll compliment each other well. In the end, I decided to give this second ensemble all the tropical feels by adding the wicker bag and flowy romper. Oh and by the way, I walked a full 30 minutes into Center City in these sandals without sore feet or blisters. How incredible is that! They didn’t even need to be broken in first. I highly suggest you treat yourself to a pair and be sure to use code BTFL10 for 10% off any order!

2. Tropical Jungle

Outfit Details #2: 

Sandals // Wicker Bag // Kimono // Jumpsuit

Photographer #1:

Bill McGuiness


Stylist, Model, Photographer #2, and Writer: