Making A Statement In Satin

Satin has a knack for catching my eye. I absolutely adore the lustrous material because it makes such an elegant statement. I added a few satin dresses to my wardrobe last year but hadn’t had the chance to style the typical stain skirt that is popular among so many brands. That is until until Olive French gifted me this miraculous piece. The midi-satin skirt is incredibly versatile and worth-while to have in your wardrobe. Dress it down with a tee and sneakers for a cute outdoor-hang-sesh with friends or dress it up with a heeled sandals and an elegant tank for a spiffy brunch with Bae! I went with the dressed-up version pairing this beatify with by vintage 90’s Sandals, from Cucarachaz, the Almedra Rattan Bag, from Amerii, and a V-Neck Tank I snagged from H&M.

While I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of satin skirts, this Leopard Satin Midi Skirt, from Olive French is truly unique. I’ve not seen another skirt with such a stunning pattern and color combination. But my favorite thing about this piece is the quality of the material; it is soft and shiny resembling silk and is completely opaque so there’s no worry of seeing through the material. I’m wearing a size small which fit me very well and I’m usually a size 26/27 in jeans. Every piece in the Olive French collection is hand-picked by Britt, the talented woman (with a degree from London College Of Fashion!) who curates the boutique. Take one look at her collection and you’ll see her gift for being a stylist is impeccable! I’ll be following along earnestly to see what else she adds to her boutique.

Outfit #1 Details: 

Skirt // Tank // Sandals // Bag

Photographer #1:

Bill McGuiness


Stylist, Model, Photographer #2, and Writer: