Honest Opinion of Femme Luxe

Ever had an ad pop up on Instagram for a clothing brand that looks enticing but you’re hesitant to order from? It’s difficult to determine quality or size from brands you’ve never ordered from before. Femme Luxe was one of those brands for me so I was incredibly excited when they reached out to me to collaborate! They’ve gifted me three pieces for me to share with you guys. The following are my honest thoughts of the brand and are completely my own.

The first piece I chose is this Brown/Black Cropped Jumper ($22) that I styled above with some high-waisted culottes. I went with the size S/M as per the size chart. The guide has been super accurate so far. The sweater is really good quality; it’s thick, tightly woven, and the colors are exactly as advertised. I also really adore the pattern on this piece. It’s such a head turner! And they weren’t kidding when they said the jumper was cropped! It can really only be worn with super high waisted bottoms in my opinion, but that works for me since most of my bottoms are.

The second thing I ordered was this Camel Short Sleeve Loungewear Set ($19). At first I was weary of the fact that the sizing applied to both the top and bottoms. That’s always a problem I have with two-piece sets since my bottom half is curvier than my top half. But I decided to go for it and ordered an S/M according the the size guide. I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like everything on this website is made for women with a curvy figure. It’s the perfect thing to wear on a long plane ride because it’s that comfortable. As you can see, the bottoms are definitely more fitted than the top but if they were both loose fitting, I’m not sure it would look as good. I especially love the boxy-cut top. I’ve already used it twice this week because the color goes with just about everything! I’ve even styled it below with the third item I ordered, the Black Cropped Legging Shorts ($8). I ordered the size UK 8 (again the sizing chart is very accurate). The material is thin and a tad transparent so it needs to be worn with thin nude undergarments. Although biker shorts are a hot trend right now, I don’t think I can pull it off on a daily basis. But I do think these shorts will come in handy for layering under other clothing. Take for example the two outfits featured above, I’m actually wearing these biker shorts underneath both sets of bottoms! They’re so thin you can’t even tell.

All together, I’m really happy with my Femme Luxe order. It came in the expected time considering it shipped from Europe, their size guide is very accurate, and the designs are super on-trend. Lastly, the products are made with pretty great quality especially for the price! I look forward to working with them again to share more of their items with you, especially to help with sizing! If you have any questions drop them below.

Outfit #1 Details: 

Sweater // Culottes // Clutch // Sandal

Outfit #2 Details: 

Lounge Set // Clutch // Sneakers

Outfit #3 Details: 

Top // Shorts // Belt Bag // Sneakers

Photographer #1:

Bill McGuiness


Stylist, Model, Photographer #2, and Writer: