3 Ways You Can Use A Fur Rug To Spice Up Your Apartment For The New Year

Happy New Year friends! If you're looking to spice things up in your apartment but not in a major way, I definitely suggest using a sheepskin rug/throw to mix things up! In today's post, I'll be using the Genuine Sheepskin Rug Single Pelt, by Super Area Rugs, to demonstrate the versatility of a fur rug..


1. Wake up to fur under your feet!

There's nothing worse then having to get out of bed and step onto a cold floor am I right? Well with a rug like the Genuine Sheepskin Rug Single Pelt, by Super Area Rugs, that won't be a problem. This piece is so incredibly soft and plush that waking up to those cold winter days won't seem so bad. Moreover, the rug doesn't easily slip, so you won't have to worry about any injuries. And of course, this type of rug also serves as a decorative piece!


2. Completely revamp the look of your couch.

It may technically be a "rug," but it can also be used as a throw! If you drape it over one of the armrests, you can completely change the look of your couch. Not to mention, it'll also make an itchy door-room couch (like this one) feel softer and therefore more comfortable to sit in!


3. Give that 'ol chair a makeover.

If you have an armchair that's stained or old, throwing a sheepskin pelt over it could be exactly what you need to rejuvenate it's appearance. For the purpose of this post, I took one of my dinning room table chairs and decorated it with my fur rug, which could also be a great option for when you have folks over and need more seating!


Hope this post helps inspire you to add a little flavor to your apartment this New Year!


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Show Your Stripes

Today, I'm showing off my stripes with this Micro Stripe Sweater, from Shop Stevie! This adorable online boutique offers an array of trendy apparel including this new favorite sweater of mine. I stumbled upon this piece and immediately fell in love with the black, white, and chestnut color combo. To accentuate the white stripes, I layered the sweater with an oversized white button down. And to match the chestnut stripes, I'm sporting my favorite pair of Aldo boots. Meanwhile, the clutch reflects my recent obsession with the fur trend that's been going on. This little beauty is from an Etsy shop called 94Diamonds. While the shop is currently closed, it'll be up and running again come December 18th just in time for any last minute holiday purchases!

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Sweater // Necklace // Clutch // Boots // Hat // Sunglasses // Jeans (Self-Ripped)


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