Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe For Under $150 + My Tricks For Online Shopping (At Zaful)

Summer is just around the bend people! Which means we've all got to get our summer wardrobes ready. To help you out, I documented my very own online shopping session to demonstrate how easy it is to get all summer essentials without breaking the bank. Below I've included the screen shots of an online order from Zaful (one of my favorite places to shop online). This is one of the best boutiques to find inexpensive apparel. As you can see, I was able to order a couple of dresses, a jumpsuit, a romper, a few tops + shorts, and last but not least, some bathing suits! All for just under $150. And even though I just went with basic designs, they also have a ton for floral options which are great for summer.

But before you place your very own order, there are a few tricks that I've learned from all my online shopping experience on this website that you should know about..

1. Pay special attention to the size guide. You can find the measurements for a size by scrolling over each size selection or by clicking on the "size guide" link. This is really important because the measurements for each size change for every item.

2. Look for reviews (at the bottom of the listing) by previous buyers to get a better feel for how it looks in person. This can also help you determine if the item runs true to size or not, since most people include such information in their reviews. 

3. Take a look at the promotions they have going on. For example, they have Buy 1, Get 1 30% Off, and Buy 4, Get 1 Free, and Buy 2, Get 20% Off or Buy 3, Get 30% Off all going on right now.

4. Zaful always has coupons! Always! And if you don't see one being advertised at the top of the homepage, simply google "Zaful Coupons" to see what pops up. Try a few until you find the best one. In my case, the code MOM513 was being advertised on Zaful, and that was the best I could find at that time. It got me an extra $20 off on top of the discounts from the promotions!

If you're diggin' the products that I've put together below, just scroll to the very end of the blog post to find them all linked up under "Shop This Post."


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P.S. If you like Zaful, be sure to check out the online boutique, Rosegal as well! They've got a Mother's Day Gift Special going on right now!