4 Trends That Make Playing Dress Up Even More Fun

Summer is definitely my favorite time to play dress up! It's the season for pretty prints, bright colors, and showing off that tan! Today I'm sharing 4 of my favorite trends that are hot hot hot right now..


1. Polka Dots

Fun prints are a big thing come summer season. But I feel like polka dots just recently came out of no where. They weren't super popular the past few years but this season they made a huge comeback.  I hopped on the banwagon with this Loft "dress" -- it looks like a dress, but it's really a romper so I don't have to worry about Marilynn Monroe-ing people all over the street. Unfortunately, I can't find this exact piece online, but you can try your luck by visiting a Loft store near you! Alternatively, I'm linking up some awesome polka dot apparel, most of which is on sale, at the end of this bog post for you to easily shop!


2. Tassel Earrings

I've been seeing tassel earrings everywhere lately, and I was feeling a little left out to be honest. However, I'm always weary of purchasing earrings from just anywhere. For example, a few weeks ago I bought J.Crew earrings and the gold started to turn brown/pink within just 2 days of wearing them. So this time, I hit up my talented friend, Latisha of TISH Jewelry, who creates quality jewelry without the insane mark up. As soon as these Pink Silk Tassel Earrings came in the mail, it was love at first sight. The tassel is made with a silky soft silk and the gold plated metal has yet to turn color on me. Any chance I can get, I'm wearing these beauties. And how could I not! They add a pop of color that every summer outfit could use. In fact, if you follow along with my Insta Story, you may just see them make an appearance today. And if pink isn't your color, these earrings come in several different colors so be sure to check out the rest of her collection to find something that's the right fit for you!


3. The Bamboo Bag

Dudes, the bamboo bag is a must must must! I wore this all last summer, and this summer will be no different. This accessory somehow has the ability of making any ensemble look like it was hand picked by the world's most popular fashion blogger. And because it's made of bamboo wood, it screams summertime! I got mine from a small boutique, but after doing some research I think the best one for quality and price (based on the 500+ reviews) would have to be this one


4. Tiny Sunglasses

In the mid 2000's, enormous sunglasses were the only cool way to shade your eyes. If you didn't look bug-eyed, you weren't cool. But oh how the tables have turned! It's not like large sunglasses are completely a thing of the past, but tiny sunglasses are giving them a run for their money. The half frame shades I'm wearing in today's post are under $9 and are one of my go-to's for styling outfits on BTFL. If you're in the market, both Zaful and Forever 21 have an exentensive collection of trendy sunglasses!

Outfit Details:

Earrings // Bracelet // Handbag // Sunglasses // Sandals


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Diving (Feet First) Into The Statement Boot Trend

Outfit #1 Details

Boots // Tee // Denim Jacket // Jeans (similar) // Belt // Sunglasses


You may have seen my bog post this past September about The Baby Steps of Wearing Statement Boots. Well instead of taking it slow, now I'm diving right into the statement boot trend with the help of the Skye Kitten Heel Sock Boot in Red Lycra and the Ruben Pull Ring Ankle Boot in Grey Suede, both by EGO Shoes

In outfit #1 (above), I'm wearing the bright red Skye Kitten Heel Sock Boot. The extravegant color itself makes this a statement boot, but it's the kitten heel, pointed-toe, and sock-boot design that make this shoe completely on trend! I wanted a little extra red in the outfit to compliment the boots, but without going overboard, so paired it with my white and red Girl Gang Tee. And keeping the rest of the outfit casual, I'm sporting this Mid Wash Ripped Denim Jacket and my favorite Western Buckle Belt.

In outfit #2 (below), I've gone in the opposite direction in terms of color, wearing these very light grey Ruben Pull Ring Ankle Boot. The near-white color plus the metal ring detailing and flared chunky heel make this boot a head-turner. To make the color an even more striking one, I made sure not to wear more white, instead going with this black Pinky Swear Tee, these spunky peach Butterfly Sunglasses, a camel coat, and two-tone jeans.

I have to say, wearing these eye-catching boots is so fun, and pretty much a guaranteed confidence booster! Be sure to check out all the options that EGO has to offer -- you especially don't want to miss out on all of their sale styles which are as low as 13.99 right now. Happy shopping!

Outfit #2 Details

Boots // Tee // Coat (similar) // Jeans (similar) // Sunglasses // Phone Wallet-Case


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The Latest Trend in Shorts

One of the hottest trends is the shorts game this season is the high-waist paper bag waistband. What the heck do I mean by "paper bag"? Someone decided that these waistbands, which feature a scrunchy or ruffled elastic waist, resemble that of a plastic bag. Name aside, I never really enjoyed wearing shorts until I tried out this style of shorts, namely the Martha Short, by Cut From The Same Cloth. I kid you not, these are literally the best pair of shorts I have ever owned! They're made with quality fabric, they accentuates the smallest part of the waist offering a flattering silhouette, and most importantly, they are hella comfortable! I've actually worn this exact outfit twice already in the past two weeks. I know I know.. the "Lizzie Maguire, you are an outfit repeater!" scene popped into my brain too. I just cannot get enough of these shorts (and this top, clearly since I keep wearing them together). To add some texture to the ensemble, I've paired the shorts with the Crinkle Satin Top, from Peridot Boutique, which is another piece I've been crushing on. Although I've been wearing them a lot with this top a lot, these shorts are so versatile they could go with just about any top as long as it can be tucked in. So moral of the story is.. if you're like old-me and are generally not a "shorts-person" I suggest you try out this trend because it just might change your mind!

Outfit Details

Shorts // Top // Mules // Sunglasses // Handbag


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