Wearing White Jeans Before Memorial Day (Do What Makes You Happy)

Outfit #1 Details: Denim // Blouse // Heels // Sunglasses // Bag


Yes, I'm wearing white jeans BEFORE Memorial Day. May as well make "Rule-Breaker" or "Daredevil" my middle name right? But seriously, what's the big deal? I never understood the "no white before Memorial Day" rule anyway. You should wear whatever you want whenever you want, as long as it makes you happy! And last week, wearing my new Kate Spade Cutwork Denim jeans is what made me happy. After getting these bad boys as a gift, I played dress up for about an hour. I realized that even though they're jeans, these pants can easily be dressed up for a classy event -- take my outfit above for example. By pairing the jeans with a nice blouse, simple heels, and a clutch, I transformed what would otherwise be a casual pant into a classy ensemble. Whereas below, I've paired the pant with a cotton tank (which is actually a tied-up dress), flat sandals, and a bucket bag, going in a much more casual direction. But I digress, the moral of today's post is simple -- sometimes it's best not worry about society's fashion "rules" and instead just wear what will put a smile on your face!

Outfit #2 Details: Denim // Tee/Dress // Flats // Sunglasses // Bag


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P.S. Both of the tops in this blog post are under $15! The first top is a shockingly low $9. I can't tell you how many compliments I get each time I wear that piece. Not bad for $9 right? And the second top, which is $13, is actually a dress that I tied up to use as a tank top. So really it's a 2-for-1!

White With A Sprinkle Of Pattern

After a long vacation and ample sunbathing, is when white becomes my favorite color to wear. As you may have already guessed, it's because the bright white contrasts nicely with newly tanned skin creating a striking appearance! But just white alone can be boring, so I'm here today to talk about two new additions to my wardrobe that are white with a sprinkle of pattern. 


1. The Solana Romper

The Solana Romper, from Kittsona, features a beautiful floral embroidery, giving me that dash of print, without drawing out the white ensemble . Generally, you have to be careful when purchasing white apparel because sometimes the material is too thin and you end up seeing your underwear outline (even if it's nude colored). I'm happy to say there's no such problem with this romper! The material is a thick enough to prevent transparency, but thin enough to still serve as a summer piece. This little number is also quite versatile - wear it with sandals for a casual get-up or heels for a sophisticated look. It is hands down my most frequently worn romper this summer!


2. The Tamanco Branco

The Tamanco Branco, (which in portuguese means the white clog), by K.dan Flat Shoes a Brazilian footwear brand, is my favorite white sandal of the season. And not just because they're comfortable, and give me an extra 1.5 inches of height, but because of the gorgeous multi-colored rope sole that contrasts with the brilliant white strap. I understand that it might be scary purchasing from a foreign brand but I assure you that it's totally worth the bliss of owning a pair of K.dan shoes. Not only am I a lucky owner of the white clog, but I also have their Jean Mule. Both of which are comfortable, incredibly stylish, and made with quality. If you're unfamiliar with the conversion rate from R$ to USD, I've broken it down for you here. The Tamanco Branco is R$150 which in USD is just about $48, which in my opinion is a STEAL for such great quality shoes. As for sizing, I went with a Brazilian 36, which fit my US Size 7 foot quite well. If you have any other questions just contact me here, or comment below! 

Outfit Details

Romper // Sandals // Sunglasses // Earrings // Purse (similar)


Guest Photographer,

Katie Andrews

(childhood friend for life)


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