Taking On The Leopard Print Trend - Yay or Nay?

Leopard print shoes have been a hot trend this fall season. Actually, animal print apparel in general is popping up everywhere! I decided to try out this trend with the help of my friends over at Restricted Shoes and their super cute loafers, the Myria in Camel. While styling these shoes, I learned that leopard print goes best with with the basics - white, black, grey, and denim. Because the leopard print is already making quite the statement, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Therefore, I paired these beauties with my favorite jeans and a white button down. Due to the print’s color scheme, it also helps to pair the outfit with some black and gold accessories, like this Kate Spade bag for example! Lastly, to contrast the warm tones of the print, I’m sporting this light grey J.Crew Factory coat (which by the way is on sale right now!). All in all, I’m a fan of the leopard print trend that’s been going on but I prefer to keep it as simple as possible. I’m linking up a lots of other animal print pieces for you to shop below in case you’re interested. But, if you’re like me and just want to dip your toes in (figuratively and literally), I highly suggest purchasing the Myria in Camel to start off with. The Myria features just the right amount of leopard print so that it makes a statement without being in your face about it. Additionally, these flats are both comfortable and affordable. Be sure to use code BESTTRENDSFORLIFE25 at check out so you can receive 25% off your order!

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Flats // Coat // Jeans // Blouse // Purse

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Three Reasons Why Mom Jeans Rule + How To Style Them

Everyone's heard about the mom-jean-comeback right? I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. How could a pair of frumpy jeans be making such a grand "comeback"? So I decided to test them out for myself. I snagged the pair that I'm wearing today from a thrift shop (but linking a similar pair here) not knowing if I'd ever really wear them, considering the not-so-flattering loose fit. But after my first time out with them, it fell madly in love! And I soon came to realize the three main reasons why mom jeans rule..

1. Room for the food-baby.

Mom jeans by nature are loose fitting, which most importantly means that there is room to eat as much as your heart desires! I wore these bad boys to a potluck dinner the other day and it was magical. I was able to grow an impressive food-baby without any room restrictions!

2. No jean-dance required. 

Every girl who's ever owned a pair of skin-tight jeans knows first hand how difficult it is to get in and out of them. Once you get both legs in, you're left having to do a butt-wiggling dance to shimmy the rest of the way into them. Mom jeans on the other hand? Super easy to get in and out of!

3. Trendy with the right apparel.

Since mom jeans on their own are a little frumpy looking, it's important for the rest of the outfit to be "on." Which means.. the top has to be trendy, the shoes need to make a statement, and the accessories have to be cute. So I decided to pair my mom jeans with this stylish Vertical Striped Drop Shoulder Tie Detail Blouse, from Shein, my comfortable Jean Mules, from K.Dan Flat Shoes, and a pair of oval sunglasses that I got for $10 on Amazon! When styled all together, the result is a comfortable yet fashionable ensemble!

In conclusion, I am now an avid mom-jean-wearer and I hope that my strange ramblings of food-babies and jean-dances will inspire you to give them a try too!

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Denim (similar) // Top // Mules // Sunglasses // Earrings


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5 Reasons Why Palm Print Is So Popular

Okay so clearly the tropical palm leaf is a really popular print -- it's everywhere, from home decor, to footwear, to clothing! You may have seen my Instagram post where I proclaimed my love for The Palm Leaf Pillow Cover, by A Piece of Bella, and for the palm print trend in general. Just recently, I've added this Palm Perfection Romper, from The Mint Julep Boutique, to my wardrobe and now am even more in love with the trend. So I started wondering, what makes this tropical pattern so special? Here's what I came up with..

1. It's a reminder of tropical getaways: Wouldn't you rather be by the beach on a beautiful island instead of at home or at work? I know I would! And what reminds you more of a tropical island than palm trees and palm leaves?!

2. It looks fresh: Literally, the print is riddled with representations of fresh-cut plant leaves. 

3. The color scheme is striking: You generally find the green/blue leaf pattern against a bright white background creating a beautiful, color contrast.

4. It has a calming affect: The print is nature-related and we all know that mother nature has that calming affect!

5. It gives off a sophisticated but relaxed aura: Much like the tropical islands we all love to visit, this design is classy but also laid back, which is the best of both worlds in my opinion!

As you can image, I'll be bringing this Palm Perfection Romper (which is super comfortable) with me on my trip to Lisbon/Rome/Amalfi Coast. This will be my first time visiting Portugal and Italy so I'm beyond excited. I'm jetting off tomorrow night and would love for you follow along on my journey as I document it on Instagram! To anyone else vacationing soon, I wish you safe travels!

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Romper // Earrings // Sandals // Sunglasses


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